SCAN Fashion-O-Meter (Week 2, Summer)


The New Black

• Crop tops: You’re paying twice as much for half a t-shirt. That is definitely #fashion.

• Other people’s sunglasses: You can never find any to fit your massive face, but it always seems that everyone else’s sunnies do.

• Dissertation beards: If 10,000 words isn’t a good enough excuse not to shave we don’t know what is.


Croc Equivalent

• Male crop tops: The heinous trend emerged at this year’s Coachella and will hopefully die a painful death there also.

• Lack of personal hygiene: 10,000 words is not a good enough excuse to not have showered all week.

• Rubbish organisational skills: Any group message of friends to discuss this years’ holiday always descends into talk of the weekend and who is bonking whom. Goodbye Ibiza!

• Alex Square sunbathers:  Watching on from the library you’ll be excused for wishing them third degree burns. Just be safe in the knowledge they’ll be getting a third in their degree.

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