Introducing CUT TO, Lancaster’s new film journal


Lancaster University’s new film journal, CUT TO, launches its first issue today at 5 pm. SCAN has invited CUT TO to introduce themselves and their journal, here’s what their submissions team has to say:

“Who are we?

CUT TO: The Lancaster University Film Journal is an online film journal created and managed by students in a film-related study! Each term an issue centred around a theme is published online for free on our WordPress website. We are about to publish our debut issue – “Cinema,” to get the ball rolling! We are always looking for new and enthusiastic students who’d like to take part in the journal and join the crew. If that’s a bit too much commitment…

What do we do?

We accept, review and edit 10-20 submissions from Film, Media and Cultural Studies, Creative Writing, and all other LICA students, to showcase a range of opinions, essay pieces and screenplays and prove that film and media have a significant, thought-provoking effect on our lives. CUT TO also have two sub-groups, The Podcast Crew, and Workprint Video Essays, who work independently from the journal. They plan and produce content designed with the aim to engage and catch the interest of a growing audience – you! Our Instagram also features a series named “Learning Cinema,” where we research and explain topical film movements, themes, and techniques to inform and interest others!

What do we hope to achieve in the future?

We hope to represent a diverse voice of film and screen-related opinions. Whether that is a bad movie top 10 or a deep dive into the cultivation of misanthropic viewership in Haneke’s cinema, we want it all. We hope we can expand to cover as many areas as possible within the cinematic sphere of influence. Possibly also acting as a platform for student’s short films and experimentations on our digital media platforms. We hope we can be a voice for students to talk about movies for years to come, in a fun and/or academic way. Even pitched in meetings this year is the potential of curating soundtracks to the journal… but this is yet to be decided. The Journal is a rewarding group to be a part of, circulating contacts, friendships, knowledge, and encouragement from now into the coming years. Don’t hesitate to join in!

How to Submit!

Submissions should be made to our email, which can also be found on our social media pages @cuttojournal. Submissions should be referenced in the Harvard style and submitted as early as possible. Both submission opening and closing dates can be found across our various pages so keep an eye out for when we post them. Our next issue is titled ‘Pioneers of Genre’ and is thematically concerned with those who invented, re-invented, defied, defined, and combined cinematic genres. So, we want to hear about your hottest takes on Tarantino and the Western, the effect of Twilight on YA cinema, or the death of action-adventure cinema. Whatever it is you have to say, want to hear from You!

Find us!

Website: | Podcast: | YouTube Channel:

– The CUT TO submissions team

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