What to do with your Easter eggs?


What to do with your Easter eggs? For many of you the answer to this question is obvious: eat them. Don’t get me wrong, that is definitely what you should do with them. There is something about Easter eggs that make them taste nicer than normal chocolate. Maybe it’s because of the allure of their limited availability or maybe its because Cadbury’s secretly uses a different chocolate recipe, I don’t know. So, I am not suggesting that you don’t eat them, what I am suggesting is that you should eat them differently. So whether you are tired of eating the same dessert every day (or let’s be honest, every five minutes) or just want some ideas of how to make your Easter eggs even tastier (trust me it is possible!), then this article is for you.

Use them for baking

I thought I would start with a simple classic. This might not be the most inventive use of an Easter egg, but you can always use them for baking. At the end of the day, an Easter egg is chocolate so you can melt it down and use it to make some brownies or some traditional Easter nests. You can also use your Easter eggs (or the accompanying chocolates) as decorations for cupcakes.

Create an Epic Easter Egg Bowl

What’s the difference between half an Easter egg and a bowl? It’s basically just that one of them is made out of chocolate. The only problem with this is that for some unknown reason it is almost impossible to split an Easter egg evenly in half, but this is kind of a necessity.

To create your bowl, you need to split your Easter egg in half and then put each half in the fridge. I am a firm believer that chocolate should not live in the fridge (why anyone would purposefully want to bit into solid chocolate I don’t know), but for this, it is a necessary sacrifice to make sure that your egg won’t melt while you add things to it.

Next, you basically add whatever you want to your egg… so long as it is cold! The main thing I would suggest adding is ice cream, but you can also add something like Greek yoghurt or smoothie! Once you have the bulk of your egg done you can literally add anything else you want. You can add some sweets, marshmallows, biscuits, chocolate sauce, cinnamon, sprinkles, fruit, nuts… or you can even add more chocolate.

Easter egg hot chocolate bombs

This is an idea that uses any smaller Easter eggs you have – preferably hollow! If you have ever wanted to get on the trend on hot chocolate bombs but couldn’t be bothered with all the faff, then this is for you. Using a hollow egg means that you can skip all those time-consuming steps and just put some marshmallows (or anything else you fancy) inside the two halves. If you don’t have any perfectly sized Easter eggs then you can jazz up a hot chocolate in the traditional way: melt it down, mix it into milk and enjoy!

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