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Last Minute Winners and Years of Dominance: Lancaster Uni FC Look Forward to Roses 2022


Fresh from their Northern Conference Cup triumph in early March, Lancaster Uni Men’s FC 1sts look to claim the biggest victory of them all, and the ultimate varsity bragging rights, by beating University of York Men’s FC 1sts in their first Roses event since 2019.

Lancaster Uni FC remain unbeaten at Roses since 2018. After fighting back from a losing position, a last minute winner caused pandemonium from the team and spectators alike; an iconic moment that has truly gone down as one of the greats in the 57 year history of the event. The 1sts’ 2-0 win in the 2019 Roses may be the less memorable of the two but arguably the bigger achievement, especially since the game was played on York University grounds. 

Roses 2020 and 2021 did not go ahead for obvious COVID-related reasons, but the long-awaited return of the competition, held here at Lancaster University for the first time in four years, has created quite the buzz around campus. Like many, Lancaster Uni FC will be chomping at the bit to complete a treble of victories over their white rose rivals.

Club chairman and 1st team player Ben Anderson participated in both the recent Roses victories. In an interview with SCAN, he said there was an “inevitable” feeling of a comeback once Lancaster Uni FC scored their first goal in the famed 2018 match:

“The momentum was completely with us and York were crumbling. It was great to see the crowd’s reaction [to the winning goal]”


 To Ben, a Roses victory will prove to be the cherry on an already very successful cake:

“The squad’s had a good year, winning the cup and a steady league campaign. It’s nice to be able to finish a good season with what’s always one of the biggest games in the season.”

With this being the first Roses event in three years, the pressure may be higher than ever given that both the Men’s 1st and 2nd teams remain unbeaten at Roses since 2018. However, Ben claims the team is “more excited than anything” to make their long-awaited return to Roses. “It’s a lot of the lads’ last game together and everyone wants to end it in the right way,” the club stalwart told SCAN. 

 With Roses kicking off on the 29th April, the excitement for what will be an amazing weekend of sports, competitions, and celebration is building fast. Here are the times for both the Men’s and Women’s games:

Friday April 29th

3.30pm at Rugby Pitch 1- Lancaster Uni Women’s 2nds vs York Uni Women’s 2nds

Saturday April 30th

10.30am at Rugby Pitch 1- Lancaster Uni Men’s 2nds vs York Uni Men’s 2nds

3.30pm at Rugby Pitch 1- Lancaster Uni Women’s 1sts vs York Uni Women’s 1sts

6pm at Rugby Pitch 1- Lancaster Uni Men’s 1sts vs York Uni Men’s 1sts

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