How to Make the Most Out of Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is a con, love is a lie, stop wasting your money and focus on yourself!

I’ve never had a normal Valentine’s Day and I can’t say I have any interest in one.   Every year I become more and more baffled by the bizarre tradition of buying affection. 

In primary school, if your week-long relationship took place alongside Valentine’s Day, children would bring each other gifts.  There would be teddy bears with big eyes holding glittery hearts exchanging hands like Pokémon cards.  It was as if that stuffed toy could express all the love you couldn’t put into words because you were eight and you only knew how it felt to love potato smileys. 

Thankfully, I’ve never had to experience this level of embarrassment and I hope I’m now past the point where I ever could.  If I ever received a bear matching that description, I know someone who would be very willing to have it.

Personally, I think Valentine’s Day is a big business con to scam us out of our hard-earned cash in the name of tradition and love. It may have originally come from the martyrdom of Valentine, but over the years it has become commercialised to guilt trip us into either extravagant or lacklustre performances of love.

I don’t want chocolates or an expensive meal in an overpriced restaurant.  I’d like some flowers, but I’d take them on any day of the week.  Is there even anything particularly romantic about this time of year?  

February is a miserable month.  We’re all waiting for the Spring sunshine to melt our frozen hearts, before we suffocate in the heat of summer.  So, I’m not surprised that this holiday reminds couples on the rocks of all the reasons they dislike each other.

Instead of spending money on overpriced “seasonal” goods, spend some time with the most important person in your life… yourself.  Even if you have a partner, or your friends want to do something, use the day to focus on you.  

Have a day to reset, clear your head and think about how you are going to love yourself better.  If you are looking to do something, then I suggest cooking yourself a nice meal or getting a takeaway (whichever floats your one-person canoe), then build yourself a blanket fort and watch a comfort film.  Two’s company, but one is comfort.

Baking, Lancaster Walks, and Cooking something so ‘pintrest’ it makes you sick

This list involves activities that you could do solo, with a partner, or with a group of friends, it is entirely up to you. You don’t even have to do them around Valentine’s Day, but Term Two is a big one for you Humanities students, and for everyone else, it’s your last bit of time before exams start in Term Three so it is the perfect time to be making some time to take care of yourself.

Lancaster Walks

The weather may be temperamental, but even if it is raining, I encourage you to go for a walk. It’s great for your metal health, it’s great when you’re feeling stuck with work. The blisters aren’t great, but wear comfortable shoes, not your pristine new Nikes. Take yourself for a walk, make it somewhere you haven’t been before, 30 minutes is plenty and it will make you feel refreshed.

£2 Single

You can get to Preston for £2 on the bus at the moment. I would highly recommend taking advantage of the £2 single bus tickets and going somewhere for a cheap adventure. Pack a sandwich and a water bottle and take a break from Lancaster.

Bedroom Picnic

Bedroom picnics are great. You don’t have to lug a massive basket of food all the way up to the monument at Williamson Park. Lay your blanket (I know you’ve all got one, the cost of living crisis dictates it) on the floor and enjoy some finger food in the comfort of your own space.

Bake/Cook Something New

Even if you don’t think you can cook, trying to is always a memorable experience. Challenge your housemates to a bakeoff style competition and see what chaos you can create in 90 minutes. Even if it doesn’t taste good, the fire alarm will be cheering you on.

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