The White Heat: The Journey of Proud Gigs and Exciting Releases for Local Alt-Rock Band.   


“We’re almost a completely new band than we were when we began.”  

Following their successful performance at their local HMV, Preston, on the 11th of February, I talked with The White Heat about their journey and proudest moments as an upcoming band. Starting from their origins as strangers and childhood friends to bandmates and their musical inspirations and future releases.   

How did you find performing a gig at HMV in Preston?  

“It was really special for us; it’s amazing that the company are allowing young emerging bands to get out there. We are proud to say that we’ll be seeing some of them at our future gigs”. HMV open gigs surely help local bands reach a wider audience around their home base, a wonderful way for the band to reach the local masses and celebrate their emergence.   


Of course, gigs and song releases are hugely exciting, but your origins are just as important. How did the band come about?   

 The band started when Ethan Briscoe (lead singer + guitar) met Elliot Collings (drums) in the music studio at Cardinal Newman College. As Ethan recalls it, he was “walking past the studio when he saw someone with a mullet playing a crazy drum solo”, and with Elliot’s creative flair, his dream to start a band became a reality. The two agreed to write some songs and start gigging.   


Hoping to expand, Ethan’s childhood friend Cameron Proctor agreed to fill the position of bassist, which they were struggling to find. Despite being relatively new to the instrument Cam certainly took the band seriously, learning covers and originals, and becoming the third member.   

Ethan, Elliot, and Cam began searching for the fourth and final piece of their alt-rock band. The trio eventually found Reuben Roscoe: “the missing piece the band needed.” His classical-jazz piano and guitar skills added a whole new dynamic. Altogether, the ambience of the newfound band’s sound was created, and The White Heat was complete. 


It is great to see all the members bouncing off each other creatively. But what inspired you to be a performer and make music?   

Before starting, the band were inspired to play live by Artic monkeys. “Alex Turner’s lyrics, and the raw, ‘rough around the edge’ sound in his early music career” was key for them. Whilst it is King Krule and Radiohead that also fuel their current music. “Their ability to mimic pure motion connects with our band.” This is what they are bringing into their upcoming tracks of emotional alt-rock ballads and bangers. Steeped in working class influence, giving both style and substance, they are a local band deservedly on the rise. 

Drummer Elliot Collings (Photo Credit: @fotosbyanya on Instagram)

The best way to keep the dream alive is to reflect on your own progression and special moments. What are the most important moments for you as a band?   

“We’re almost a completely new band than we were when we began, the last four months have made us proud.” With Ethan’s lyrics becoming more earnest and introspective, and instrumentation more complex and emotive, there is something all rock/indie lovers can enjoy. ‘We are excited to share this side of the band with the world”: this road of maturing as musicians is paying off well, helping them connect with their audience. Even the intimate venue of the Preston mall HMV, did not stop an eager crowd from supporting the lads.  


The White Heat certainly have many successful gigs and releases to be proud of, and even upcoming material worth keeping an eye out for. The band and their new manager, Luke Bourne, from Reso Events, have been working hard on upcoming releases. Follow the band over at @_thewhiteheat on Instagram, and @thewhiteheat on TikTok, for further information on release dates.  


Especially watch out for their upcoming gig at the Cambridge University graduation on the main stage on the 19th of June. A true honour for them, and it will certainly be a great watch (although maybe a Lancaster gig soon, guys?). Bassist Cam will be taking an A-Level exam the following day, so he will need some hearty support, and a bit of late-night revising too. With this exciting summer gig and future releases in the works, make sure to follow their journey on Instagram, and give support to this upcoming local band on their incredible journey. Here is to more future success!  

Article by Lexi Joyce

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