Music To My Ears: Sarah Jane Callender


Song that reminds you of childhood: Send Me On My Way – Rusted Root 

This song always reminds me of the film Matilda and I loved that film when I was younger! As a child, I loved the way Matilda liked reading and school, just like me (I was quite a nerdy child). I felt like Roald Dahl had captured me in a book. So naturally, when the film came out, I was hooked! This song comes on when Matilda starts making pancakes and realises she can survive on her own two feet. It’s such a happy go-lucky song and if you haven’t heard it, definitely give it a listen. It always cheers me up whenever I’m having a down day.

First single you ever bought: Glamorous – Fergie

My favourite band, The Black Eyed Peas, had broken up and my soul was slightly crushed. But I couldn’t stop loving the female singer, Fergie, even though I was mad about the break up! After her song, ‘Big Girls Don’t Cry’, which is quite an emotional one, ‘Glamorous’ just came out of the blue. To describe this song in one word, it would have to be “sassy”. Instead of the album, I actually bought the single for this because I loved the song that much! I remember being with my dad when I bought it and he was extremely worried about the explicit content warning and we had an argument in the shop about whether I could buy it or not. I WON!

A song that makes you want to dance: Crank It – Kideko & George Kwali (feat. Nadia Rose and Sweetie Irie)

If this song comes on in Sugar and you’re with me, I can only apologise. Likewise, with any 50 Cent song. I’m just sorry!

If you were a song what would it be: She’s A Star – James

At first this seems narcissistic but let me explain! One time in my life I was feeling quite down and I phoned my dad at his work to talk about it. He told me that this song had just come on the radio and that it really reminded him of me. But I had no idea what it was! It’s by my dad and I’s favourite band but I honestly hadn’t heard the song at all. He told me that even though I was far away, he wished he could play it to me to tell me that everything will be alright. This was quite a nice moment for me and my dad, as we literally never share emotions! After the phone call I put it on and instantly burst out crying (in a good way). The song is honestly so beautiful, and the words are amazing!

Best Gig You’ve Been to: Parklife 2017

I’ve not been to many gigs in my life, but as a culmination of gigs, Parklife beats everything. I saw so many artists that I love including The 1975, Two Door Cinema Club, Stormzy, Anderson Paak, Frank Ocean. Wow, just wow. Unfortunately, I can’t pick a favourite, I was just mesmerised the whole time.

Favourite Ever Album: La Petite Mort – James

This was actually a difficult question to answer. I have quite a varied music taste and don’t really listen to full albums and only listen to a variety of songs. But the album I always come back to is La Petite Mort by James. Again, this is probably my dad’s influence because he plays it constantly! It’s genuinely such a fun and uplifting album, you can dance to it, sing and shout! What more is there to ask for, really?

Guilty Pleasure: Dirty Diana – Michael Jackson

I’m not 100% sure I’m guilty listening to this song. It’s not the song or Michael Jackson where I feel guilty, (I’m a huge MJ fan) it’s the way I sing/mime the song. I know most of the words and it’s all just a bit embarrassing. The same goes for Can’t Hold Us by Macklemore and Black Skinhead by Kanye West.

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