Dedicated Follower of Summer Fashion


By Amie Slater

  So summer term has finally hit Lancaster and while we’re in the North, and the chilly wind seems to be gusting permanently, it’s still nice to put on a pretty dress on one of our rare sunny days. In town we don’t get much choice shop-wise, although we do still have the all important Topshop and New Look, (who give us a 10% student discount) Hurrah!

  Topshop has a very cute white flowery dress in at the minute: the ‘Sunset Daisy Sundress’ for £35. I know that’s about the same cost as a weekly shop, but you know… just don’t eat for a week. This dress is worth it. If your budget can’t stretch to that then New Look has the bow patterned, blue: ‘Belle Bow Dress’ in the sale for £15. Bargain!

 Although be warned, you might want to wear tights with these if the Spine turns into a wind tunnel, as otherwise you may flash a few potential Lancaster students and their parents while they’re being toured around campus…

 However, if you want something a bit different than just a ‘nice summer dress’ then try a playsuit. They are all over the shops at the moment (I should know as I accidently pick one up without fail every time I go shopping because they look like dresses). has oodles of cute floral playsuits to choose from at very student friendly prices, ranging from £8 to £15. They also have great high waisted shorts for about £6 and £8 each, which look great with a plain t-shirt tucked into them, and teamed with a pair of comfy flats.

 Even if Lancaster stays cloudy, then inject a little of your own sunshine into the day with bright coloured clothes. If you’re feeling daring go for bold floral prints, think dodgy Hawaiian shirt patterns, but on skirts, vests or dresses. If that’s a bit too ‘out there’ then you can still pull off the bright trend, but more subtly. Choose colourful bags, rings, shoes, cardigans and sunglasses in shades of fuchsia, lime green and tomato reds.

  At night time, if you feel best in an LBD then go for something with a bit of lace on (either the sleeves, back or neck area) to bring a classic trend up to date. has an enormous amount of dress choices, so check out their stock. Disclaimer- I am not to be blamed if you spend your entire student loan on there…

  If you’re feeling really adventurous then why not go for a full length jumpsuit? Wear a plain black one for nights out and team it with a pair of sexy, skyscraper heels and some statement jewellery, like a few bright bangles and you’re ready to strut into the Sugarhouse.

  It is still summer though, so if you want to channel summertime thoughts into your wardrobe, even after dark then pick this season’s colour: coral. Try it on a dress or skirt, or if you’re a shyer fashionista, pick a nice clutch bag, or pair of shoes in the pretty shade.

  So whether you’re a reserved wall flower, or a bold sunflower, there is a way for everyone to look great this summertime. Wear your clothes with your friends on lazy days in the park, or ‘til the early hours of the morning with your crush, and don’t forget the must have accessory – confidence (suntan optional).

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