Timeline: Michael Payne as LUSU President


March 2008
Beats Andrew Payne to LUSU President with 62.7% of the vote.

Nov/Dec 2008
Initial proposal for the Sabbatical Review includes VP (Student Activities). A packed General Meeting sees VP (Sports) brought in instead.

Jan/Feb 2009
Save our College Bars campaign heats up as Payne tells University it must engage with LUSU.

Feb/March 2009
Students get set for another year of Payne as he wins as second term, increasing his percent of the vote.

October 2009
Payne follows up the Sabbatical Review with the Part Time Officer review.

Nov 2009 – Jan 2010
With the government reviewing tuition fees, and a possible hike to £7000 a year, Payne and LUSU lead a series of protests, concluding in a silent demonstration outside University Court.

April 2010
An ill-fated NUS election campaign sees Payne come last for VP (Higher Education).

May/June 2010
Payne ends his two years by increasing JCR funding by 24%.

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