Top Five: Student Stereotypes


The Alcoholic

This is probably the type most students relate to. The party animal, the rave, the one that is always first one in and last one out; wasting their student loan becomes a hobby a sport!

The Lazy One

Never in lectures? Always stealing notes? You qualify as the lazy student, being probably the most typical stereotype the “outside world” give us. But in all honesty, why care when you have your duvet?

The Rah

The rise of the “Rah” is quite strange. Guilty of a “Gap Yah”, these hoodie wearing, backcombing rich kids seems to be springing up all over the place!

The Workaholic

Set for a first, the workaholic is most likely found in the library from open to close. Putting everyone else to shame, the workaholic has notes filed, essays done weeks before the deadline and probably has Foucault as bedtime reading.

The Mooch

Its the person in your flat that you know took your last slice of bread and has been using your cutlery all year but no one ever says anything about it. You have to admire the cunningness of the mooch.

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