Go classy, not trashy


Alan Graham, a conservative farmer from Belfast, recently made the news by insisting Rihanna abandon her new music video shoot as he felt she was behaving too provocatively and baring too much skin. When the singer began filming topless he demanded the shoot end, arguing, ‘ I have an ethos and I felt it was inappropriate’. By standing up for his own principles Graham highlighted the arguement; Is less definitely more or is it acceptable for the average Joe to go out dressing like the Rihannas of this world?

Many of us follow pop culture religiously; Twitter, Heat magazine, Facebook all provide a key-hole view into the lives of celebs; so it is fair to say that it will influence us at some point. Stars like Lady Gaga make it seem like the norm to run through a field with a bikini on but when we see some of their fashion choices, we know they just can’t work in the real world. Less may be more for a music video, but definitely not for normal, every day trip to Sainsbury’s and campus.

We all want to look our best, let’s face it, but if you ask anyone they could probably give you their own view of girls or guys who show too much
for no reason other than to bare all! Stereotypes are inevitable and unfortunately it is usually girls who get targeted by them. Crude and offensive names are often thrown around to describe girls who do little to cover-up. Even though these terms are by no means deserved it seems sensible to
realise that what we wear does add to our persona and first impression.

As students we have many opportunities for nights out but most of us, while still wearing skirts shorter than we may normally wear during the
day, still know when something is too short or too revealing. Showing too much not only attracts the wrong attention but makes it harder to take people
seriously as clever and interesting individuals. You can look amazing without revealing too much; make fashion statements in other ways! High street
clothing gives plenty of opportunities to look colourful, sexy and fun without going to the extremes of showing ridiculous amounts of skin.

Some may argue that they wear skimpy clothes to make themselves feel good but it seems that you can look and feel much better if you dress
place appropriate.Everyone has the right to express themselves but tutorials are maybe not the right setting to debut your new see-through shirt and bra.

In today’s society, most people are fully aware that what is acceptable in the music videos is completely different to every-day
society, creating an almost parralel world of accepted norms of behaviour . It seems that one thing that some celebrities forget is how amazing, sexy and
sophisticated we can look without baring all. If you are wearing a short skirt, don’t wear a low cut top. If you decide to rock jeans and heels, you could decide to be more sexy on top; it’s either one or the other, not both!

Nights out are a great place to push the boundaries but always remember that your image reflects you as a person; so let’s choose to go classy, not trashy.

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