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Over the summer break, CEEC offered me the chance to organise a paid internship in whatever I wanted to do after university. This allowed me to find my first steps in what I hope to do after I get a degree; charity fundraising. After looking high and low across York, I found Macmillan Cancer Support and was accepted to spend four weeks as a Fundraising Manager.

Coming into work on the first day as the intern (or “Coffee Bean” by one particularly motherly old lady) made me pretty nervous, but knowing that such an opportunity was rare I got stuck right in. The other Macmillan Fundraising Managers were happy to oblige and were fantastic with supporting me in doing as much as I could; daily and weekly plans, one-to-one meetings and truly treating me as one of the team.

By the end of the fourth week I‘d learnt and grown more professionally than any other work I‘ve had in my life. I had called hundreds of companies persuading them to promote the World’s Biggest Coffee Morning, Macmillan’s Flagship Event, through leafleting and hosting their own events, postered and posted thousands of promo-materials and collected thousands in donations, been on the radio, dressed as a Coffee Mug for a photo shoot throughout York and had become addicted to the Macmillan staple dress down, cake morning, leave early Fridays. However, by far the most poignant experience was speaking directly to those with or who had been directly affected by cancer (a staggering one in three people in the UK). Hearing some of the most uplifting, harrowing and emotional stories from people affected by the illness was truly inspiring to say the least.

I cannot stress enough what an amazing opportunity CEEC had given me. An internship process for charities is fraught with issues that has previously prevented me from doing more than collecting donations. Money is the largest issue for an internship, as most charities are exempt from paying interns. So the funding from CEEC gave me an incredible opportunity as a paid internship with Macmillan Cancer Support and an experience that will last with me forever.

Matthew Vince
Third year student
Bowland College

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