Marketing and PR assistant


Through UNITE, I received a wide array of work experience opportunities which have ranged from IT to marketing. I decided to apply for a Marketing and PR assistant post with a small company called Ecodynamics, based in Cheshire, who wanted help launching a new and innovative product. 

As soon as I was accepted, I started work immediately and soon found the role to be both exciting and challenging. The new product I was set to work on was a mattress which combined tempur material with a slow release lavender fragrance to aid restless sleep.  As I was working for a small company, I had the benefit of regular and direct contact with the owner which allowed me to learn from his breadth of business related experience. The first task I worked on was looking at the businesses strategy for launching the product and giving my advice on what I felt would be the most effective method. I then moved onto refining the promotional materials used, focusing especially on the website, which consequently lead the owner and I to design a new website to improve the image of the company. Once this had been completed, I worked on, and am still working on, promoting the product to businesses nationwide ranging from health spa’s to boutique hotels.

The work experience I have done through UNITE has given me a much needed taste of what lies ahead for me at the end of my degree. I have reaffirmed my passion and drive for business whilst also learning many valuable lessons from my employer, who became in essence a business mentor for me. Perhaps most importantly, I was able to easily merge my studies and my work placement, my employer was very flexible and allowed me to fluctuate my hours according to my needs. In conclusion, with the corporate world becoming increasingly more competitive, this will help you stand out, whilst at the same time teaching you valuable and relevant lessons, building contacts and fortunately for me, I paid for my work too.

Robert Mclean
Third-year student
Pendle College

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