Lancaster women triumph in rugby sevens


Once again Lancaster University were victorious with the Women’s 1st team winning 17-5. It was a slow start by Lancaster with York proving strong in attack by scoring the first try only two minutes in. Lancaster fought back with a strong defence, not allowing York to take advantage. Despite York’s initial lead, Lancaster made full use of the pitch with strong passing, leading to Lancaster’s first try of the game. Lancaster maintained a tough attack, resulting in a second try and conversion, taking the score to 12-5 to Lancaster at half time. After battling through York’s strong defence, Lancaster made repeated attempts to gain another try with York’s defence proving too difficult. Lancaster made one last push and scored a final try, taking the final score to 17-5 to Lancaster.

It was a victory for Lancaster 2nds with the score ending at Lancaster 21 York 5. A great start to an exciting game with Lancaster dominating throughout and taking the initial lead. From the start of the game, Lancaster showed determination and drive with a constant push forward in attack. With two tries and two conversions before half time, it was a promising start for Lancaster. York came back fighting for the second quarter, showing Lancaster’s impressive defence skills, but the team scored another try making them the clear winners. York continued to defend, but it was clear Lancaster was the stronger side overall. Team morale was strong throughout, with spectators avidly showing their support for the away team.

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