Lancaster lose Roses 2011

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The University of York have regained the Carter-James trophy from Lancaster after winning Roses 2011 by a 61 point margin on Sunday morning.

The victory came after a tense Basketball game in which the Lancaster women’s first team lost, with the scoreline after the final quarter at 45-39.

Lydie Mariutto, the York women’s Basketball captain told York’s student newspaper Nouse: “We didn’t know it was on us to win, feels awesome now we know! It was a real team effort.”

Tom Guyler, Lancaster’s Basketball coach, was despondent in defeat. He told SCAN: “I’m gutted, I couldn’t have asked for anything more in the second half, we just started too slowly.”

Despite the crushing defeat for Lancaster, the tournament was taken to the final day. Lancaster led after victories from the Equestrian A and the Men’s 2nd Cricket going into the second day, where the overall score remained tight for several hours until a morale sapping defeat for the Rugby Union Men’s firsts at Huntingdon Stadium that was watched by 2500 people.

It was on Saturday, however, that the tournament began to escape the Red Rose. Big losses in the Hockey, where only one game out of five was won by Lancaster, as well as defeat in sports such as Lacrosse and Snow Sports cost Lancaster dear.

LUSU President, Robbie Pickles, tweeted: “Lancaster now playing for pride- and we’ve got bags of it! Come on Red Rose!”

Vice President (Sports) Marc Handley tweeted: “we’ll take that trophy back next year, it’s on loan!! Thankyou to all of the Red Army!”

There are still more sports to come today, with big fixtures including the men’s and women’s firsts Football as well as the exhibition croquet. Stay tuned to SCAN Online as well as @SCANonline_ for all the latest.

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