Inconsistent performance to blame as Lancaster lose Men’s Volleyball


After a competitive and exciting game, Lancaster lost 3-1.

The first set started well for Lancaster, who won the first five consecutive points. It looked a promising start with Lancaster dominating the court and taking lead of the score.

However, York fought back well allowing their score to increase slowly but surely to place Lancaster in a compromising position. Lancaster appeared to slow down towards the end of the set, with York taking the lead to make the final score 25-19.

After York showed a strong start to the second game, Lancaster increased the pressure and pursued to battle against York. After bringing it to a draw at 5-5, Lancaster took the lead and were able to keep this winning position throughout the game. Lancaster continually worked well as a team and this is reflected in the score, ending the set 25-19 to Lancaster.

All was to play for in the third set, but it was clear that York dominated throughout with Lancaster unable to gain any control over the score. Unfortunately this resulted in a loss for Lancaster with the final score 25-17 to York.

Lancaster needed to win this set to stay in the game; however York continued to pursue a difficult game. The scores were tight throughout the game, with both teams showing excellent play; however York took the final lead, ending the game 25-20.

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