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The newly reformed Lancaster University Judo club has grown from strength to strength throughout this academic year. Being a recent addition to the array of martial arts Lancaster has to offer, Judo this year has seen big developments. The club itself, after many years without a society, was reformed as of this year; with a new Exec who look to expand the reach of Judo for everyone, making it both fun and competitive for all.

The club typically train once a week on a Tuesday night in the Sports Centre from 7:45 to 9:15 with hopes to increase training up to twice weekly, next year. With two professional coaches enlisted, one with national level experience, the club enables the training and graduation of each belt depending on all types of ability. The fighting doesn’t just stop in Lancaster, with events planned for, and already taken place, in Kendal. The expansion of the club in less than a year really has been quite impressive. With success back in November in competition with Silver and Bronze medals in differing weight classes collected, the club with more time surely will be able to push on to bigger and better possibilities.

The clubs President, James Knox spoke of his pleasure gained through Judo as a sport which has seen his own personal triumph, rising 3 ranks to gain green belt, within the space of 12 months. He stated “We have done a great job setting up the club in such little time. Hopefully next year we can be an even bigger success proving that the sky really is the limit for Lancaster Judo club.”

For a club largely regarded as being in its infancy, great steps have been made for future expansion. Hopes of taking part in next year’s Roses, the 50th year of the tournament, and further domestic competition are where the club hope to be next year. Seeing the progression already accomplished, this does not seem too far out of sight.

So if you’re interested in picking up a new sport, why not Judo? The fun, competitive arena the society provides for allows for people of all weight and sizes to either compete or learn an interesting, Olympic competed, martial art. Give it a go!

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