Men’s and Women’s Volleyball lose against York

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Women’s 1st Team:

Lancaster fought hard throughout, but in the end, the win lies with York who won all three sets consecutively, winning 3-0.

In the first set York certainly dominated from the beginning, winning the first three consecutive points. It seemed a slow start for Lancaster, as the team missed balls and passed balls out of court. However Lancaster soon found their rhythm and began claiming back some points that were so rightfully theirs. With the score 3-1, York continued with strong passes, that Lancaster could not return. Lancaster worked as a team, with Dani Croucher showing impressive serving skills and her excellent play gained some much needed points for Lancaster, taking the score to 5-3. Guoda Gibaite made a strong pass, narrowing the score to 5-4. York then regained control of the court making a clear difference in the score. Both teams showed excellent play, with impressive rallies taking place, showing the determination and standard both teams had trained so hard to achieve. Lancaster maintained to fight throughout the game with Laura Davies making strong passes. However, despite their determination, York dominated the end of the game with Lancaster unable to take control of the score and take the lead. The game ended with York winning 25-16.

After their first defeat Lancaster needed a win to regain their confidence. They started well gaining the first point, Croucher continued her strong serves with all of the team using the court well and communicating effectively amongst each other. The score was 3-3, but York soon took the lead by winning the next two consecutive points. The score was soon up to 11-4 to York with Lancaster only able to secure one point, whilst York gained eight. Lancaster played well, however York’s team were as equally determined, showing a range of strong passes that Lancaster could simply not return. Maybe, the numerous substitutions that York had may have helped compared to Lancaster. However, as York seemingly run away with the score, Lancaster continued to fight until the end taking the score from 16-7 to 21-17 to York. Lancaster showed strength as a team, however the game ended with York winning 25-18.

With all to play for in the next game, Lancaster needed a win to avoid York taking the four points up for grabs for Roses. Lancaster showed promise, by taking the initial lead with 3-1 and were able to keep the lead to begin with, however York’s score quickly and surely crept up, taking the lead for the first time in the game, with the score 7-6. This was the closest game of the three with the score 22-20 to York at their third break. However strong serves from York saw them pull ahead and win the game 25-21 and securing the four points for Roses.

The atmosphere in the main hall was exciting and tense, with many Lancaster followers showing their full support and encouraging for the team from start to finish. Their captain, Emilija Skrebuuaite said to SCAN, it was a “good match and everyone was so confident which was the main point and I know it’s really sad we lost but what matters is that the game was awesome and you know and I’m happy”.

Men’s Volleyball 1sts:

After a competitive and exciting game, Lancaster loses 3-1.

Lancaster started the first set with a fighting spirit. They won the first five consecutive points, putting them in the lead 5-0. With York battling hard, they successfully gained their first point, but Lancaster was seen pulling away with five points ahead. The team worked the court well, showing varying passes that York were simply unable to return. Jonas Rosenlund showed excellent play throughout, using strong passes that kept Lancaster in the lead. It was clear York were already struggling with many of their sharp passes being immediately deflected by Lancaster. York increased their pressure and won the next two consecutive points, taking the score to 9-6 to Lancaster. Martin Andreev showed some excellent play, which took the score to 11-8. However, York began to dominate and made a series of strong passes that Lancaster could not return and therefore taking the lead for the first time in the game, scoring 14-12.

Lancaster began to loose their consistency in play, which enabled York’s score to creep up slowly, but surely and widening the gap in the competition. Despite Lancaster fighting until the end, York won 25-19.

In the second game York come back strong winning the first two consecutive points. Lancaster managed to gain a point, but also miss a lot of York’s passes taking the score to 4-1 to York. Lancaster showed their true spirit by battling on, proving not to be out beaten and bring the game to a draw at 5-5. The teams captain Martin Joynson showed some excellent play allowing Lancaster to take the lead for the first time. Further play from Joynson and Luigi Vozza ensured Lancaster deflected York’s passes enabling Lancaster to soar into the lead at 15-8. Lancaster proved to continually work hard as a team with encouragement and support throughout, making an impressive win after their initial loss, ending the game on 25-19.

Going into the third set as a draw, all was to play for in the third set with both teams wanting to gain the upper hand. York started strong, taking initial lead over the score; however, Lancaster continued to battle on, taking the score to 9-3 to York. Lancaster showed great team spirit with their captain, Martin Joynson showing encouragement and leading the team to continue their excellent play. York, however, were equally has determined, not allowing Lancaster to take the lead. The game ended with York winning 25-17.

Lancaster needed to win the next game in order to prevent York from winning the four points for Roses. Despite York’s initial lead with the score 4-0, Lancaster showed some impressive play, winning the next two consecutive points, bringing the score to 4-2. Faisal Taher made some strong passes, bringing the game to a draw at 4-4. However, York were quick to dominate the score, winning the next eight consecutive points, whilst Lancaster were unable to gain any. With a clear lead, it was looking impossible for Lancaster to master this win. Lancaster continued their excellent play, never showing signs of defeat and began to win the next few points, narrowing the score to 15-12 to York. With only three points between them, both teams showed excellent play and rallies, showing the skill and talent all these players have been training so hard to maintain. Martin Andreev made a strong serve, taking the score to 15-14. Despite the outstanding skills from Lancaster, York managed to dominate the score within the last few minutes winning the game 25-20 and securing them the four points for Roses.

Both Men’s and Women’s Volleyball showed their skill on the court, encouragement from their team members and fought until the end in what has been two difficult, yet exciting games to watch.

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