From Gucci to guy-liner


There’s a list of characteristics that indicate metrosexuality in a man. The first being they can’t walk past a Zara store without thinking of the men’s section and the second is they openly admit they see a stylist instead of a barber, because barbers don’t do highlights. This sums up the definition of a male who prides himself on his appearance; but what does everyone really think about this emerging modern type of guy?

Some men absolutely love it. Getting a body wax, teeth whitening and highlights before hitting the town is clearly acceptable to many if the ladies do it, so why judge a man who opts for this decision? It’s been argued that the cutting, clipping, waxing, snipping and highlighting their bodies makes men feel better in themselves; so who is to tell them that it’s wrong?

Think of all the celebrities who do this; you rarely see an up and coming Torso of the Week in Heat magazine who’s not had stuff caked on their face or isn’t sporting a hugely over-priced haircut. Wearing the latest brands and accessories, shouldering the infamous man-bag and sporting slick footwear have become important social markers.

With one glance a stranger can instantly tell if you’re informed, fashionable and loving it; something which has become a necessity for many men about town, and most probably, around campus.

Shopping online or in the expensive branded shops, ones that I’d probably obliviously walk past on my route to McDonald’s, are metrosexual hang-out areas, beacons of appearance heaven that dish out posh bags so some men can keep them for display purposes in their bedroom.

This is totally acceptable; I have a few Sainsbury’s carrier bags somewhere in the corner of my halls, but they apparently don’t carry half of the style value. For guys who aren’t afraid to be their version of glamorous, appearance is paramount to help them look good and most importantly make them feel good in their selves.

Then there’s the opposing view; the general lad view that’d say any fellow lad who gets a wax and highlights is “camper than a row of tents”. There’s always the social awkwardness of a meeting between the two; the lager drinking, unwaxed and unhighlighted lad will automatically put on a deeper voice, try to look hard and nod, while the fake tanned metrosexual will respond with a gleaming smile to showcase his perfectly chiselled jaw line and pure white teeth.

The truth is, every guy makes himself look presentable in his own way. Whether it’s a simple shower and a spray of Lynx or a full blown wax with hours in front of the mirror, every guy is different and everyone’s an individual who’ll make their appearance unique in their own way, either glamming it up or not.

But just to bridge the gap; whatever you look like, wear and drink there are things all men will most certainly have in common. Lads out, drink in hand, feeling good and loving life is usually the fool proof universal winning formula.

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