Out with the old and in with the new


Following two years in the design and development process, Lancaster’s new Sports Centre has finally opened up its doors for general public usage.

The latest photos of the Centre’s fitness room facilities were released on August 9th via the Facebook page and those of the climbing wall, swimming pool and other amenities were uploaded slightly earlier on June 29th.

Before opening, the Centre hosted a number of tours so that people could view Lancaster’s latest development in all its magnificence. People were certainly impressed by one of the most remarkable features of the complex, namely the climbing wall and bouldering cave, which was specially designed with input from Chancellor and mountaineer Sir Chris Bonington. This is as well as the Olympic sized, variable floor-depth swimming pool that looks nothing short of perfection.

The health and fitness suites are evidently a vast improvement on the aging equipment and ambiance of the old centre. The website states: “The gym is situated on 2 levels and features cardio vascular and resistance machines from market leader Technogym [and] three of the latest model Powerplate machines are incorporated in the functional area of the gym on the first floor.” To be honest, as long as they aren’t broken, squeaky or so few that users are left to time their workout around racing to a free machine – it will be extremely hard for people to pick fault.

What is also extremely pleasing is the variety of price packages that the new Centre offers. In comparison to the limitations of the old membership packages; with the premier coming in at around £190 for access to life fitness, weights, swimming, climbing wall and court use (essentially everything excluding the classes and the sun beds) – the new membership prices range from Bronze to Platinum. The former comes in at £100 for students and allows use of cardio, weights and swimming at off peak times only. The latter comes in at a steep, but reasonable, £250. This allows full use of all facilities, inclusive of all classes. It is certainly safe to say that there is a price range to satisfy every member and consequently allows them to make the most out of what they use.

Another massive plus for all those early sporting risers, the opening times have been set back from the old 8.30am to 7.00am, perfect for those who want to put in a quick workout before a 9.00am lecture. As before, the swimming pool times vary slightly but details are available in their specificity on the website.

Overall, it can safely be said that Lancaster got it right. Not only is the new Sports Centre miles better than the old in terms of facilities but it has also woken up to earlier opening times and more membership options. Yes, it may not be as conveniently situated in the middle of the campus, but the new surroundings not only provide a sound distraction to the timer on the treadmill or the number of reps of bicep curls, but also potential room for further expansion in the long term future and a chance for members to make the most out of their membership and their time at Lancaster.

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