iPad loan scheme unsuccessful

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Feedback from students has indicated that the Learning Zone’s iPad loan scheme was ultimately unsuccessful after a trial period. The responses suggested that the technology was not a useful resource, and due to poor take-up there are no plans to continue the loan system next year.

This comes after the purchase of over £8000 worth of technology. With each of the twenty 16GB Wi- Fi enabled models costing £439 plus VAT, students’ reactions were mixed even at the beginning of the trial.

“iPads are a waste of money” said Aran Wilkinson, a third year Computing Student. “They could have spent the money making the Learning Zone a better area for users with laptops.”

It was thought that the iPads would be popular given the success of the laptop loan scheme which was introduced free of charge to students and staff, and has proved useful in the Learning Zone.

Commenting on the disappointing result of the iPad trial, Chris Dixon, Head of Service Delivery and Operations for ISS, confirmed that iPad loans would not be continued until service could be improved.

“Instead, we are extending the number of laptops available and also offering longer loans via the library,” he explained.

Following reports on Apple online forums, there were also concerns regarding personal information being stored on the devices. However, ISS guaranteed that this was not an issue after having fully tested each iPad to ensure that no user settings were left behind.

Dixon concluded in a statement: “We are always keen to respond to student feedback, and while some will be disappointed about the iPad loans, I feel that our time is better spent delivering the things that students tell us they want.”

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