How to make your halls a home

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After a hard day of meeting deadlines and attending seminars and lectures, every student needs a place to relax.  A personal sanctuary; where the stresses of the day can be left behind.

You will be living in your student home for roughly thirty weeks, so it essential to create a space that you can feel comfortable to entertain and can unwind in. Taking the time to decorate your house will definitely create a “homely” inviting atmosphere, and give you something to be proud of. Here are some simple and wallet friendly tips on how to transform your bare walls and create some atmosphere.

Why not stock up on posters at the campus poster sale? Hosted on The Spine, you will find a variety from music and celebrity related, to quirky and sometimes dirty quotes- whatever floats your boat! Personally, I also think a little bit of music or background noise makes a house feel more lively; my radio clock has been my best investment to date.  Not only does it let me listen to the charts and catch up on the news, but it also really helps me to get out of bed in the morning!

Of course, students have a very tight budget and can’t afford to
splash out, well in theory at least! Lancaster has a host of charity shops and stores,
like Wilkinson’s or Poundland where you can easily find bargains to
satisfy the student budget. To personalise your space, you can purchase rugs and pillows, vases and mirrors should you desire, all at a relatively cheap price.  Also, one of the best and cheapest ways to
decorate your home is by putting up photos of friends and family. Invest in some white-tac, as opposed to blu tac- this is far more wallpaper friendly, trust me I’ve had the £60 re-painting bill from my landlord.

The most important thing about a home is who you share it with.  We rely on friends for support and guidance; a friendly chat and to go out and have a laugh with.  Therefore it
is very important that you take care to nurture housemate
friendships. Here are just a few simple ways to keep on the right side
of your new roomies.  Firstly, clean up after yourself. I know from
experience that messing up the kitchen with your dirty dishes can really
grind on people. Secondly, don’t play your music too
loudly when other people are working, and respect eachothers personal time and space. And lastly, be sure to take your
housemates’ taste into consideration when decorating.  It might be
best to check before plastering the walls with posters of Justin Bieber,
just in case they aren’t that into him.

A comfortable home is essential for relaxing, studying,
eating, drinking and spending time with friends.  So make sure you invest
a little time into transforming your student house into a home away from home.

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