Stop and Smell the Rosé: Wine Not Visit Trevor?


For those who don’t know, the Furness College bar has received somewhat of a revamp. Trevor now has a selection of wines from across the world, ranging from Californian to South African, and offers four varieties: Rosé, Red, White and Sparkling. Let’s get one thing straight, first of all: neither of us are wine aficionados, we’re simply just casual enthusiasts of a fine aged grape drink. Nonetheless, to see if the revamp met our expectations, we journeyed down to the bar and prepared ourselves to get tasting wine.

9 PM and the stage was set. With money in our pockets and the wine list in our hands, we were ready to embark on our critique. First on the menu was a Rosé from California, and a Red from Chile, which was interestingly described as Ribena. The Wine glasses were unmarked, with no measuring lines on, which we liked as a show of professionalism. The Rosé was lovely and fruity, and chilled as it should be: this was the best one that we tried, and one we would definitely recommend! The Red was full bodied, somewhat dry, and overall rather nice, so this is also a good choice for those who fancy a glass upon venturing into Trevor. Next, we tried the other Rosé, which was from Italy, and a white from South Africa. The Rosé this time around was not so good, as it wasn’t quite as fruity or flavoursome. The White was good, being light and mellow, another choice we would highly recommend.

Whilst the wine overall was enjoyable and the selection wide, there were some pitfalls. Unfortunately this change feels less of a transformation, but more a slight addition to their menu. It feels as if the only change noticeable is a single Wine list floating around the bar like the delicate feather drifting gently through the air in the final scene of Forrest Gump, except this feather has Comic Sans font. The loud pop music certainly detracts from the soothing atmosphere that one would want whilst drinking Wine. Perhaps an improvement that Trevor could make would be to serve a variety of cheeses to go with the red Wine on offer, as it’s a common favourite with the British public to enjoy a cheeseboard with fine wines. Another point we noticed was the lack of French wines on offer. To be honest, this is very picky point, but normally we associate wine with France, as they are known to have the best wines in the world. A little more variety in this direction would definitely be another point for improvement.

Overall, the experience was good, as this new addition is moving Trevor in the right direction. We would certainly encourage people to take advantage of any offers currently on at Trevor, as this support will definitely help improve the bar by a great deal, and keep it going as an essential part of Lancaster’s thriving campus community.

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