The Carnage virgin

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It’s taken me a few weeks to collect my thoughts, but I can confess I have lost my Carnage virginity. My cherry has been well and truly popped with an experience I’ll never forget and almost definitely want to repeat. If you are clueless as to what Carnage is and you have never heard of it or been, then more fool you, get your sweaty t-shirt on next time around and embrace the organised chaos. Google dictionary will tell you that the word carnage is ‘the killing of a large number of people’ and synonyms such as ‘slaughter’ are associated. At Carnage nobody dies, but a large number of students are battered beyond their brains.

I knew about Carnage before I came to university and friends have explained to me what a great night it is; despite the fact they can’t remember most of it! Therefore when I found out it was coming to Lancaster I couldn’t wait. The tickets are cheap and cheerful t-shirts to be worn on the night which not only allow free entry into selected bars and clubs but a much regretted pizza for 99p at Starvin’ Marvin’s at the end of the night.

With the Carnage chaos comes the carnage fancy dress and I decided on a ‘horny devil’ as my costume choice for the night. ‘Please meet 8pm @ Revolution’ I read on the back of the tee as I was cutting it up to somehow make a white shirt look sexy. It was 7.00pm and I wasn’t ready, cue the drama as we had no time for pre drinks. ‘Isn’t 8.00pm a bit early anyway?’, ‘won’t Revs be quiet?’, ‘can we afford to get drunk?’ Those questions were quickly answered when we were inside Revolution – no, no and yes.

Carnage is a massive bar crawl that calls upon students to excessively consume alcohol. Every bar/club has irresistible offers on drinks. Revolution’s cocktail and a shot for £3.60, Hustle’s six shots for £6…I could go on, well, if I could remember. The small print on the back of the t shirt reading ‘please drink responsibly’ is laughable.

Hustle was new to me before Carnage and if you haven’t been before you should know this, it’s definitely like marmite. However, the more intoxicated you are, the less likely you’re going to hate it. I loved it. The cheesy pop of the 90’s (I vaguely recall dancing to ‘Sex on the Beach’) is the epitome of Hustle, that and being crammed up against a good few strangers and hot pink wall it what Carnage is all about.

Everywhere is jam-packed on Carnage night, it’s brilliant, unless you’re sober, so don’t be. It gets sweaty and hot and nobody cares, they just rip their ‘Carnage’ top some more.

I quote my friend, ‘Oh no… no I didn’t’ as I showed him the photos. Carnage virgins are to be warned; Carnage is a slaughtering and you will be slaughtered.

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