Look hot even when it’s not

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After a summer of daring print trousers and floral dresses we seem to have come crawling back to our UGGs, jeans and hoodies in a desperate attempt to keep warm. Lancaster’s freezing temperature means the coat, gloves and scarf combo are mandatory uniform for students. But with only a student budget, investing in a number of new coats to keep our outfits fresh, is unfortunately not possible for most of us. Outfit repeating therefore seems to become an everyday occurrence.  No matter what new purchase we want to show off, you can rarely see it under all the layers we have piled on. Therefore when it comes to looking good or staying warm we often opt for the latter; unless, of course, you fancy walking around with a bright red and runny nose- never attractive. But with a few new investments which won’t break the bank we can beat the mundane winter outfit.

For the bold and daring of us Aztec print leggings are sure to brighten up the miserable weather and help you stand out in the hordes of people decked in coats and jeans.  If you are not feeling daring enough to go for the bright colours break yourself in with prints in black and grey, making the look easy to wear and allowing for a different option to the classic black leggings. Jeans and cords in this season’s rustic colours will add a flash of colour on dull Lancaster days.

My personal favourite winter investment has been my faux fur stole. Faux fur is very on trend at the moment, especially coats with a faux fur collar, but if you cannot afford a new coat, adding a fur stole will bring last year’s coat into this season. Nothing says ‘I am prepared for winter’ like the Russian hat- ‘the Cossack’ which makes an impact whilst keeping you warm. If faux fur isn’t your thing try the turban headband, cute earmuffs or a printed beanie. Theses accessories individualise your look and give a twist to your outfit.

Just because the winter season has come along doesn’t mean it is time to stash away your dresses; team your dress with opaque tights; blazers or chunky knits. Knit skirts provide a warm alternative to flowing summer skirts, and look good with opaque tights. Look out for these skirts in Nordic prints which are all over the high street at the moment, making them an affordable purchase.

Ballet pumps just don’t cut it in the freezing temperatures and there is nothing more miserable than soggy feat. Investing in a pair of winter boots is therefore an essential for your wardrobe. If you are looking for something a bit different, try wedged ankle boots or the Chelsea boot. Last but not least, remember what your mum told you about wearing a vest. Though this may make you feel like a child, wearing a discrete thermal will keep you warm whilst being unnoticeable to everyone else- this way you can look hot, even when it’s not!

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