Dominant MMU frustrate luckless Lancaster

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MMU 13 – Lancaster 3

It’s safe to say that Lancaster Men’s first’s team were very unlucky to concede defeat in such harsh circumstances in their match against  MMU 1sts. The home side had many opportunities,  maintained much of the possession,  and were unlucky not to score more goals than they did.

The match began with Lancaster taking the first ball and a foul was given to them and with excellent skill was dribbled into the oppositions half.

However, MMU quickly gained possession and with exceptional team co-ordination, took the ball from one end of the pitch to the other with rapid pace.  A short corner was given to MMU and the first goal attempt of the game occurred within three minutes as the ball went just wide.  Lancaster regained possession and displayed some amazing play down the wing.  Quickly enough it was lost, and the first goal of the game was scored by MMU’s Flanagan.

After the first goal, Lancaster maintained good possession displaying decent skill with a hockey stick as some exceptional mid air control was employed by Lancaster’s Adrian Talbot. All too suddenly, MMU had the ball yet again and advanced at top speed. Not even a fantastic clearance from Lancaster’s Captain Matthew Abell could stop the opposition from scoring once more.

In a quick response to the second goal, Lancaster advanced through the midfield after a brilliant interception by Joe Purvis and raced down the pitch for a well deserved goal scored by Abell. As play resumed, MMU quickly regained possession and forced Lancaster’s goal-keeper James Harlow into a great save. Unfortunately, a second attempt on goal saw the ball tapped into the goal by MMU’s Flanagan.

A good Lancaster goal opportunity by Ed Gibson was narrowly missed. This was proving to be a pattern throughout the game as MMU yet again took the ball into the Lancaster half. Some messy tackling from both sides resulted in a penalty which MMU scored with ease.  Harlow made another brilliant save, but the ball fell into the path of MMU who scored again.

At the beginning of the second half, things seemed to be perking up for Lancaster. Possession was fairly equal for the first five minutes. However, within minutes of each other, MMU scored two fantastic goals with the Lancaster defence letting in attack after attack from the persistent and skilled MMU.  Harlow made another fantastic save and the Lancaster defence and attack was far from lacking, but possession of the ball was being given away cheaply to MMU.

MMU continued to be dominant; they received a penalty which they scored and three minutes later scored again after intercepting some good aerial play from Lancaster.  After misses from both sides, Lancaster scored another goal through Ian Fletcher, his very first for the hockey team.  At the end of the match, MMU scored four more goals in a very short space of time. However, minutes before the final whistle was blown, Lancaster’s Stephen McGraph scored and loud cheers and whistles from the crowd erupted after what seemed to be a very long winded and frustrating game.

Overall a disappointing result for Lancaster; they definitely need to work on their passes, co-ordination and marking. However, some exceptional play could be seen on the hockey field from both sides despite a heavy defeat.

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