Candidate interview: Rob Dickinson


“I am not afraid to speak out and act against things that are wrong”

Rob Dickinson – Furness College

Rob ‘Dicko’ Dickinson’s experience is the key to his campaign for the position of Vice President (Activities) “having previously been college Sports Secretary and President, CCO Societies officer and being a part of all college teams, I believe I have a good insight into how BUCS, college competitions, clubs and societies work.” He has really enjoyed his time as CCO Societies Officer and “would love to continue to help with the creation, maintaining and expansion of the University’s clubs and societies.”

Dickinson feels that the key quality he possesses which would help him in the role of VP (Activities) is being “outspoken”. He explained “if people come to me with an issue, I am not afraid to speak out and act against things that are wrong and stand up for the students.”

As far as a combined position working with both sports and societies is concerned, Dickinson feels that he would be able to support both sides equally and that the combined role “works better, especially where it comes to funding; it is much easier because all the money is in the same place and it brings everything together.”

One of Dickinson’s interests within the role is Carter Shield. He does not hold the feeling amongst some members of the student body that the event should be scrapped and would continue to promote and support it, “With the power of VP (Activities) you can use that name and role to promote Carter Shield, I have never really seen it promoted enough by LUSU. I would aim to have the role more involved in aiding the continuing growth of Carter Shield, which has seen a steady increase in attendance.”

As far as the away Roses competition of 2013 is concerned, Dickinson believes that the key issue is that of timetabling, with York using their home advantage and placing it within Lancaster’s exams period so they are unable to take a full, focused team. “If I were to gain the position of VP (Activities), I would try to argue with York to put the competition on a weekend easier to attend.”

Finally, Dickinson feels that he has all the key attributes to make him a successful VP (Activities), “I am an outspoken, honest, committed, passionate and creative person. Anyone who will have seen me at sports events, I’m sure can vouch for that.”

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