Candidate interview: Liz Ashworth

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“I want all students to get the best out of their experience at university”

Liz Ashworth – County College

Liz Ashworth believes that the position of Vice President (Activities) combines clubs and societies successfully. “It is really important that the two come within one heading and that they both get a fair overseeing.” Although her background is mainly within sports rather than societies, her position on LUSU Activities Exec this year has given her the opportunity to learn more about the societies and therefore she feels that she would represent them both equally.

“Communication is the best way that students can get LUSU to work for them.” As the Women’s Rugby Team President for the past year, Ashworth feels that she hasn’t been aware of all of the funding that she’s entitled to and would aim to rectify this were she to gain the position of VP (Activities). “All clubs will be given a breakdown of the money that they are entitled to receive at the start of the year.”

As far as communication is concerned, Ashworth believes that it is crucial to attend as many of the clubs’ and societies’ matches and events as possible. “It wouldn’t be fair to the teams who have voted you in and who you are meant to be representing if you don’t take an interest in what they’re doing. Then you can best advise them on their next move.”

Due to her experience within sports clubs, Ashworth can understand the problems they may face stating, “I would like to work with the VP (Academic) and push for lectures to not be put on a Wednesday. This will increase the time which teams could meet and availability of space in general, as well as making it easier for full teams to attend away matches.”

In terms of the current discussions with the Sports Centre and student unrest regarding this matter, Ashworth feels that a strong but fair approach is important. “I would try to work alongside the Sports Centre so that it is benefitting the students at the University to the best of its ability. The centre is on our campus and the students should therefore be a priority.”

A positive attitude is key to Ashworth’s campaign of an open door, approachable policy. “In my year in office I would aim to make as much positive change as possible. I want all students to get the best out of their experience at university.”

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