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Some would say there’s a real artistry to make up. Perfectly manicured nails complete with French tips, rouged cheeks and scarlet lips, but perhaps the hardest skill to master when it comes to makeup is the precise flick of khol or liquid liner to create cat like eyes with fifties flicks. Luckily, like pretty much anything hard nowadays there’s some fool hardy tricks and downright cheats to help you achieve red carpet looks sat in your bedroom.

Recently, nail wraps became the on trend accessory promising to snazz up your nails without the price tag of the nail salon. They are easy to apply and come in an abundance of designs like leopard print and polkadot. Prada even had this season’s signature retro cars print wraps and Myleene Klass has brought out her own range. Thanks to nail wraps, complicated nail designs can be achieved in minutes and relatively cheaply.

If only they could do this with eyes and lips too you ask, then it’d be the boys we’d be waiting for before a night out. Cue: eye wraps. Yeah, you heard right- eye wraps. You can’t deny the fact that no matter how good liquid liner looks, it can be frustrating to apply when you don’t have a steady hand. Nothing looks worse than unequal flicks or wonky liner instead of perfectly defined and cat like eyes. Before you know it, you’ve ended up poking yourself in the eye with your eyeliner wand, tears are streaming down your face and you have to start all over again.

Eye wraps or stick ons, are an easy and simple alternative that give you spot on results every time. The product has been launched by US cosmetics company Rock Cosmetics, and has taken the beauty world by storm. They are simple to apply and don’t require any fuss with glue like false eyelashes. At the end of the night, they simply peel off and can be thrown away.

Simple! So don’t end up in tears next time your eyeliner is giving you trouble, opt for smudge and hassle free eye stick ons.

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