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I’m just about done now with my second year. As I write this I only have two more exams looming over me and then that’s it until October – and my final year. I know everyone must be sick of hearing this by now but I can’t believe how fast time at uni has flown – it feels like Fresher’s week as only last term.

When everything seems to be passing by so quickly it’s easy to forget just how much we manage to get done while we’re here. Especially during the stress of third term, which is enough to make anyone forget that good times were once had. With that in mind I started asking a few students what some of their favourite memories and proudest moments of this year have been…


Name: Ellie Colquitt

Course: English Language, Creative Writing and Practice

Proudest Moment: This year, I was made women’s darts captain for my college. When I joined in my own Fresher’s Week, most of the team were third years. Of course, they’d left by the time this year started, so I was slightly worried because part of my new responsibility was getting enough players, and darts isn’t the most popular sport available on campus. So I tried hard during this year’s Fresher’s Week to encourage people to have a go, even if they found it wasn’t for them. It paid off – we did get enough players, which I’m pleased about. But also, while getting people to join, I tried to be super enthusiastic. I hoped that this feeling would be shared, although I wasn’t confident that it would be. But it turned out that everyone worked well together in the end. We finished the league in a higher position than we did last year, and one of our freshers even has the team listed on her Facebook ‘Intro’ section! I’m so proud of them all.



Name: Ioan Powell

Course: English Literature and Creative Writing

Proudest Moment: Balancing academic work with extra-curricular commitments. Sounds a little boring – and at times it felt it – but it defined second year for me. The social life certainly took a big hit, but it’s made for more free time next year and my CV looks all the better for it.


Name: Joanne Skelton

Course: English Literature and Creative Writing

Proudest Moment: My proudest moment from this year will sound lame to those of you who regularly attend parties, take trips off campus, and/or nail job interviews. (Damn, I look up to you guys!) As for me, I’ve battled social anxiety for most of my life and prefer to hide under my duvet. But this year, I challenged myself to participate in something that would have once seemed insurmountable.

*Drum roll* … I entered a book-review competition.

Pretty un-scary, right? Well, the prize on offer wasn’t your typical £20 Amazon gift card. Winners would be granted a tutorial with Chris Tayler, from the London Review of Books. This wouldn’t be a group seminar, I hasten to add: I’m talking one-on-one conversation, for half an hour, with an intelligent stranger…. I regretted the submission immediately after I clicked ‘send’.

Little did I know that Chris would be full of praise for my review. Although I was a sweaty mess in my tutorial (curse the heatwave!), I managed to nod and comment when necessary and didn’t once trip over my words, fall off my chair, or run out of the room crying. Hallelujah!


Name: William Macluskie

Course: Media and Cultural Studies

Favourite Memory: Attempting to describe a ‘favourite memory’ is a challenge. Being a part of SCAN, I took part in the reporting of Roses, as part of karate, I competed with fellow team members in the very same competition, and as part of the Film Production Society, I’ve worked on one of this year’s films and been elected to a member of the exec, so it’s fairly safe to say that I’ve had a bit of a busy year! However, if I were to boil down to some of my favourite memories of this year, it would definitely be working with a crew as part of LUFP; everyone’s such a joy to work with, and it’s such a refreshing experience to be able to be part of a team of filmmakers! From joking about a suspicious looking medical doll on a hospital set, to pulling a gigantic grin whenever the behind-the-scenes photographer aimed his camera near me, it’s always been a great experience! I’m certainly looking forward to seeing the final thing.


Name: Thea Nikolova

Course: English Language and Creative Writing

Favourite Memory: there’s too many good ones to choose from. This has been the most amazing year of my life. Moving in with my housemates into town, and getting to just experience the best of student life and DIY adulthood – I wouldn’t trade it for the world, not even the massive spiders in our bathroom, and they are terrifying. I think if I really had to choose, I would say it’s all the lovely nights at poetry cafe – getting to perform with so many amazing people and share my art and listen to their poetry in return has been like magic. I made so many incredible friends there, that I am so grateful for, and having them and their support in my life this year has meant the world. I think none of it would be the same if I hadn’t chosen Lancaster, and this year was even better than my first. I’m excited for what third year has to bring (aside from my dissertation ha!)



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