Sale style: Make the most of your wardrobe

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The biggest sales of 2013 just ended and I bet most of you have already filled your wardrobe with last season’s sale items. A high-end wardrobe full of fancy clothes is what every girl would die for, but unfortunately a student must stick to her budget. However, with a good fashion sense you can still look stylish without splurging. Here are some tips for you to make the most out of what’s already in your wardrobe.

Basic items like a black dress, black trousers, black skirts and a white shirt are really useful in anyone’s wardrobe as these items are never dated and can be spiced up in many ways. Pair basics with colourful pieces or keep your style minimalist. This is going to help save your pennies all year round and showing how simplicity can also be stylish.

‘Mix and Match’ is another important tool to help you save money. Think of the colour wheel that we all learnt in primary school; all you need to do is find colours which suit your skin tone and then pair them up! You may go black if you want to look smart or you may dress in pastel colours if you want to look sweet and girly. For some inspiration, try It’s a great website to help you discover your own style. Choose from loads of items and practice matching colours and styles up.

When it comes to style, be wise and creative. If you have a white shirt, you can wear it in many different ways to create different looks. Try black, coloured, or patterned trousers, wear it with a mini skirt or keep it casual in jeans. Want to try something new? Try ‘restyling’ your clothes and add a little interest to that white shirt. Create a cut out dress, cut-off shorts, turn a t-shirt into an indie tank top or spray paint an old pairs of trainers to create a brand new look. I love embellishment which can jazz up jumpers, jackets and jeans. For inspiration try D.I.Y. videos on YouTube or have a look for blog posts for step by step instructions.

The final step is ‘always check your wardrobe’! Bear in mind that fashion trends go full circle, so items that you bought years ago could be trendy again this season. Therefore, keep your wardrobe clean and organized in order to know what you have and how to make use of style staples.

To me, fashion has no rules, no right and no wrong. What looks good on others does not mean it will work for you. Just be confident with your fashion sense and your own unique style will develop.

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