Lancaster outclass York in Women’s Indoor Football Firsts


Photo by Jay Thies

Lancaster 6-0 York

Lancaster Women’s Indoor Football 1sts soared to a 6-0 victory over York on the morning of the second day of Roses and picked up a well-deserved two points for Roses 2012. With Erin Davison scoring a hat-trick, Charlotte Egan scoring two and Hobson adding another, Lancaster provided an exceptional team display for all to see.

From the kick off, Lancaster played excellent football and took a hold of the match with Davison and Hobson in particular creating many close chances. That said, it took Lancaster far longer than it should have to break the deadlock. Halfway through the first half, Hobson made a run on the left wing before passing to Egan, who collected the ball and then found Davison in acres of space, who neatly side footed the ball into the top right corner.

The goal came just after York hit the post, however, Lancaster continued to dominate throughout the half and hit the post twice themselves; Hobson and then Smallwood’s effort striking the frame of the goal respectively.

As opposed to York’s hopeful and reckless scuffs towards goal, Lancaster displayed exceptional teamwork throughout the match: passing left, right and centre. Hobson in particular, who was arguably player of the match, seemed to be in all places at once creating most of Lancaster’s play whilst keeping to her defensive duties. That said, Lancaster could and should have added more goals and as a result only led by the one goal at half time.

If Lancaster could be accused of careless finishing in the first half, the same cannot be said of their second half performance. The second half of the match turned out to be a flurry of goals for Lancaster, as the Red Rose well and truly stamped its authority over York. York were just chasing shadows as Lancaster scored two goals in as many minutes. Davison latched on to two loose balls and neatly finished both of them to complete her superb hat-trick and extend Lancaster’s lead to three.

Substitute Marie Wang, who was ironically playing against her twin sister Marte in the York team, came on and contributed well to Lancaster’s performance – linking up well with Hobson. Aside from the ‘battle of the twins’, Lancaster continued their good play and added another three goals to their tally. Claire Smallwood’s decent wing play opened up the York defense and provided an easy finish for Egan to tap in Lancaster’s fourth and shortly after, Eagan scored again with an extremely well taken goal to notch yet another. With only a minute to go Hobson finally found the net and secured a well-earned goal as well as Lancaster’s 6-0 triumph.

After the match, Lancaster’s captain and goalkeeper, Katie McTague summed up Lancaster’s enthusiastic performance, stating: “We’re ecstatic, what a win! We’re so proud of the whole team.” With many of the same players playing in Sunday’s Women’s Football, McTague added: “It gives us confidence for tomorrow. Bring it on!”

Lancaster’s fully deserved 6-0 victory means that the Red Rose notches another two points to its total and an eye to win more in the third and final day to secure the Roses 2012 Trophy.

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