Lancaster’s ladies dominate the White Rose


Davidson and Smallwood, the Red Rose goal scorers, Photo by Jay Theis

Lancaster 2-0 York

Lancaster’s Ladies showed at Roses that it is not just men who are skilled at football. They let their feet do the talking as they walked over a York side that just could not match them in skill or team work.

The match began as the Red Rose made many swift attacking formations against the York side. Lancaster’s Marie Wang,  playing against her twin sister Marte on the York team, showed consistent drive and skill from kick-off untill the end of the match, delivering some selective passing and formidable tackles. She worked well especially alongside Sarah Hobson, an excellent defender who lobbed the ball down the wing with accurate precision to her teammates.

York seemed intimidated when Lancaster had possession, and it was to nobody’s surprise as to why; the home side were on excellent form.   York barely gained any possession and there was big anticipation from the crowd for a Lancaster goal.

After many set ups and corner kicks, Lancaster got the break they had been striving for as striker Claire Smallwood scored for the Red Rose.  It was an excellent goal; she only had to get past the keeper as she coolly manoeuvred the ball past her and tapped it into the back of the net.

The exceptional play continued untill the end of the first half. Charlotte Egan was proving a huge asset to the team as her midfield play opened up many opportunities for the Lancaster attacking side.

In the second half, the Red Rose continued their offence with more drive than before. However, York managed to gain more possession this half and had a few attempts at goal, although not to Lancaster’s standard. The Lancaster defence closed them down well and the goalkeeper Katie McTague gained possession before York could do anything.

In the middle of the second half, Lancaster’s Erin Davidson scored a brilliant goal after an excellent set up from the rest of the team. York’s keeper stood no chance as Davidson planted the ball firmly in the back on the net.

One amusing highlight of the match displayed the banter that there always will be in football. When Leah Radford impressively nut-megged a York player and afterwards went ‘whey!’ the crowd couldn’t help but burst into laughter. It was a display of good humour that there will always be in Roses.

As the final whistle blew, cheers and roars erupted from the crowd, including the sound of the opening of many beer cans. Every player looked ecstatic at their 2-0 victory, and so they should, as they had completely out played their opponent.

After their previous 6-0 win at indoor football, this could only have added to the amazing euphoria of winning. Captain and goalkeeper Katie McTague commented to SCAN; “It feels amazing to win, all this hard work paid off!”

The day marked a good effort from York, and a very well deserved win for the Red Rose as the ladies football contributed four points to Lancaster’s Roses victory.

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