Student led teaching awards to be improved

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This year Vice President (Academic) Richard Clark hopes to see an increase in the amount of students nominating and voting in the Student Led Teaching awards with a few changes to the way they work. The awards offer students the chance to nominate the teacher or lecturer they feel has made the most influence in their learning over the year, buta not many students actually make nominations. Clark told SCAN: “The recent changes to the Lancaster teaching awards start at the very beginning, [with] the awards themselves. Since the awards’ inception two years ago we have awarded teachers a student led teaching award for best teacher. It has been well received but a low turnout of 150 is something to improve on.”

This year Clark hopes to encourage more student engagement by increasing the amount of awards that can be won. Rather than having the one award Clark has decided to break it down into categories. He described the seven new categories that have been introduced, which are: outstanding undergraduate teaching award, outstanding post graduate teaching award, best feedback award, best academic advisor, best college advisor, best Moodle space, and best dissertation supervisor.

A second change to the awards has been made in the form of the structure. Students now have much more of an input in what the criteria for winning should be; the awards will then be given based on these new criteria. You can nominate your teacher now at:

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