LUTube calls for students to star in new TV projects


The campus based internet TV station,, is searching for contestants to take part in two gameshows that it plans to produce and shoot over the course of the term.

The student television group, whose internet TV channel has broadcast footage of University events such as the Roses sporting tournament and Freshers’ Fair, is now looking for “couples up for a laugh, adventure and unique experience” to get involved in their latest projects. The first project is billed as a “cross-campus adventure gameshow”, with couples who take part having the opportunity to win “an all expenses paid night out”. However, applicants are warned that there may be also be a possibility of experiencing the effects of LUTube’s infamous gunge tank, although the group guarantee that they will “cover the costs of dry cleaning” should this  be the case.

The gunge tank will be in use again in the later project, which the group are comparing to children’s TV favourite Get Your Own Back, in which contestants take part in a range of challenges, with the losers getting liberally ‘gunged’. LUTube promise this show will provide the chance to “settle a score with a friend.”

Anyone interested in taking part in either gameshow, or who wish to find out more about these projects or LUTube in general, can e-mail [email][/email] before Tuesday 4th November. There will also be a meeting on the afternoon of Wednesday 5th November, details of which can be obtained by e-mailing the above address.

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