Battle of the Bands, Heat 2 – Bowland



Photo by Jay Theis
Photo by Jay Theis

Battle of the Band round two – DING! DING! DING!


The  second heat of this years Battle of the Bands took place in Bowland  Bar on the 13th February 2013. But this was no ordinary Battle  of the Bands, this was Battle of the Bands does Oxjam. Oxjam is a music  event that is sponsored by Oxfam, the charity organization that co-ordinates  a variety of campaigns to help raise awareness of some of the issues  in the world and to help provide aid to those that need it most.

Bowland JCR set up the room in such a way that there was an air of anticipation as people took their places in the somewhat crowded room. The contestants were Emsland, Grandad’s Abyss, Signposted Disaster and Grahams Dead?  appearing in that order respectfully. The contestants were a mixed bag,  ranging from acoustic to rock, and everything in between, which provided  a great atmosphere for the audience; there was literally something for  everyone.

First up – Esmaland. Opening the night with a version of the  Game Of Thrones theme tune, Esmaland went on to play a variety of well-known  songs, but with a steampunk twist. Using his keyboard and vocoda he  created an interesting sound that kept me intrigued. Along with this  unique style of music, was Esmalnd’s steampunk attire, consisting  of goggles and a hat, your typical seam punk image.

Next up was  Grandad’s Abyss. The floor in front of the stage filled with people as they prepared to go on. They opened with a little guitar introduction  that got the crowd going. These guys were acoustic, band members consisting  of two acoustic guitars and a singer and played Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!,  the Abba classic that had the crowd clapping and moving along.

Up next  was singer and part-time rapper Signposted Disaster. Signposted Disaster  had an incredible stage presence and seemed to show no fear in getting  the audience to participate in his dance moves and chanting. His lyrics  were witty and very comical, and the audience laughed in all the right  places.

And finally it was Graham’s Dead?’s turn to show they crowd  what they had to offer, and my initial reaction was wow! these guys are loud. It was the first time in the evening that the sound system  had been truly tested as the bass was up high and rattled the bones  of everyone sitting there along with the bass of the drum kit. Graham’s Dead? reminded me of being at a rock band gig in a small venue somewhere  listening to the music and enjoying the vibe that they were creating.

After the bands had finished it was up to the judges, Chris Allon, Steff  Brawn, Ollie Cox and Lawrence Pullan to deliberate. The winner of heat  two of Battle of the Band was Grandad’s Abyss, followed in second  placed by Emsland who was the wildcard entry and will also be going  to the final. Congratulations to all the band who played, the judges  had a tough decision to make.

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