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Roses date and time

For 49 years the Carter James Trophy has been fiercely competed for by Lancaster and York, and with Lancaster the current holders after a superb victory last year, the question on everybody’s lips is this: can Lancaster hold their nerve and prove their mettle by winning an away Roses?

This year one of the biggest games, the 1st XV Rugby Union, will take place at the nearby Huntington Stadium; with York looking to make an immediate statement of intent with a win against Lancaster. It is well worth noting that York do not field a rugby league team, which is a shame considering the blistering form of the Lancaster Lynx this season. However, despite the Rugby Union game being an important fixture, there are many more points to fight for, and Lancaster will look to ease to victory in other equally important fixtures, such as American Football, Women’s Football and Rugby, and the bar sports.

York are desperate to win back the Carter James trophy, and seem to be in a confident mood considering Lancaster’s misfortunes in the past with the away fixture always being more difficult than playing at home. However, Lancaster have a distinct optimistic feel, knowing that if our teams play well and deliver performances they have so far this season, there is every chance that the Red Rose could do the double and retain the Carter James Trophy.

Roses, Europe’s largest inter-varsity sporting event, starts on Friday the 3rd May and the Union are looking to provide as many facilities as possible to make sure Lancaster supporters have a means to contribute. Coaches will be running all weekend from George Fox Avenue and supporters can purchase a £10 return ticket from the Activities office now. There will also be plenty of media coverage for those that can’t make the journey, with SCAN, Bailrigg Fm and LA1:TV making the journey to provide the best sporting coverage possible.

There are plenty of fixtures for spectators to enjoy, from the more obvious football, rugby and basketball, to the not-so-obvious, but equally important, Ballroom Dancing, Ultimate Frisbee and Fencing. Lancaster will be looking to not only win the more popular and publicised sports, but hold their own on the smaller, more specialised sports to win vital points that could spell defeat of the White Rose. Last year saw the Lancaster Bombers American Football team and the Lancaster Trampolining, the only teams to remain unbeaten in the history of Roses going into 2012, in action. However both teams lost to their York counterparts last year and will be eager to go back to winning ways.

Roses should not be an underestimated tournament. 49 years of progression of the event now sees up to thirty-eight sports, with 85 fixtures and over 2000 participants in these sports played over just 3 days, it really is a huge tournament with a lot to play for. Whoever wins the 49th series of Roses will have a lot to live up to for the 50th anniversary held in Lancaster next year.

The questions remain: Can Lancaster defeat York away from home? Can the Red Rose do the double, or will Lancaster be beaten and have it all to play for at next year’s home Roses celebrating it’s 50th year? One thing is certain: the 49th Roses tournament could possibly be the closest yet. With Lancaster chomping at the bit for victory, and York reeling from last year’s defeat; can the Red Rose do the unthinkable and sink York on their home turf? The events of 3rd – 5th of May will reveal everything. If we dare to dream, it might just happen…

As it stands:

Lancaster: 23 wins

York: 24 wins

Draws: 1

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