“I’m thrilled to have an away Roses fall under my year in office”

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My Roses countdown started weeks ago and I’m shocked that the weekend is almost here! When I was asked about the possibility of running again for VP Activities, the common view is ‘I can understand why you’d want to, to have a home Roses’. Yes we do it fabulously, we’re more organised and the chances of an overall win is greatly increased, however, I’m thrilled to have an away Roses fall under my year in office. Having competed in Roses 2011 in York, I want to create the same atmosphere this year as there was amongst competitors then. Staying away from Lancaster gives people the chance to forget about revision and there are bigger audiences supporting each of the matches as teams stroll, on mass, can in hand, from one match to another. The sense of team spirit is greater as Lancastrians don’t rush away with friends and family, they stay for the day, night or even weekend to support their University.

York have famously commented on the number of supporters Lancaster brings over with them, and I hope that will be the same this year. Buses for spectators will be £10 return, and tickets for the Men’s Rugby Union match in the Huntington stadium are £4.50 for the Friday, both sold from the Activities office. Buses are still to be booked but will travel to and from York regularly. With your ticket, you’ll get an ‘I AM LANCASTER’ red top and there will be other red items floating about such a big foam hands. Please make sure you put these on or wear read when you’re over there! I want to see a sea of red, supports and players, so teams can look out and see how many people are there to cheer them on and the York players can pee a little in their pants.

I’m writing this article having just competed in the Lancashire Cup myself. Having not been held since 2008, I hope that next year it will be continued again with more teams, making it bigger and better. I hoped that it would get teams geared up and ready for Roses and for me it did just that! I’ve seen what I need to improve on, I know what I can focus on for the real thing and I’m in the mind set. For those of you who haven’t recently competed, play ‘Eye of the Tigar’ on repeat over the next week, watch as much sport as possible, research drills and techniques, tell your friends to buy tickets for York and get in lots of sleep.

This year has been incredible for me and I’m so lucky that I can say I’ve made genuine friends through working with exec members and their teams. Winning Roses would be the icing on the cake but it really isn’t whats important for me that weekend. We’ve had more teams training over the Easter holidays, asking for extra sessions throughout the year, holding and competing in tournaments, organising fitness sessions and I’ve seen the drive to push further up in their leagues. I’m really proud of what they’ve achieved this year so all I’m expecting and asking is that everyone competing on the big weekend, tries their hardest and makes themselves and their team proud. Along side all the media coverage, students , staff, friends and family a gong to be there, so show them what you can do.

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