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The opening to the Ultimate Frisbee gave Lancaster the first ever points awarded to the women’s team due to their 6-5 win. In a rapid succession of points by the team we went 4-1 up over York, dominating them on the court. What followed was a valiant effort by the York team managing to bring the score to 5-5 by the end of normal time. Sudden death was a tense affair but Lancaster showed an attack which York could simply not handle, and we came out on top. This win secured 2 points towards the Roses tally.
Unfortunately the fantastic win by the Fish was not carried forward through the weekend. There were two more indoor games to be played, the open and mixed, both of which we appeared to dominate in the opening moments, quickly going ahead on the scoreboard; however a ferocious attack by the York team ultimately put them ahead and from then on we were chasing their score. Over the course of the two games the Fish showed ever improving composure in defence and attack, which the York team found difficult to react against. The final scores in both games was 6-5 to York, however the score did not reflect the final moments of each game, with Lancaster being the better team in many aspects of the game.

Coming out with a positive attitude on the Saturday, probably owing to their performances on the Friday, the Fish were ready to take on York in the outdoor game. The first score of the match went to York, in what was a well executed attack. Lancaster reacted well, showing a fantastic attitude and holding the Frisbee in attack for long periods of time. York showed their skills in defence to be formidable however, not letting anything Lancaster had to offer get past the line, and forcing errors in play from Lancaster. Frustration within the Lancaster team could be felt on the sideline, which culminated in a further 2 points for York, taking Lancaster 3-0 down. Signs of hope emerged for Lancaster with a great piece of attack, gaining the Fish their first point. However, more mistakes throughout the half led to an ever increasing feeling of discontent festering in the Lancaster team, and a half time score of 9-4 York was more than reflective of that. The second half was much the same as the first, with strong attacks from York gaining them a continuous series of points. Lancaster showed a number of positives throughout the game leading to a number of scores of their own; however the frustration and unforced errors ultimately kept York ahead. The final score was 15-7 to York.
Next year Lancaster has the potential to sport a large number of players who have played at the national level, and this weekend away to York has shown a great deal of skill in their respective teams. The Lancaster Ultimate Frisbee team will be a formidable force given time to mature, and they certainly have the potential to dominate York and aid in a victory at Roses 2014, in Lancaster.

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