Womens Hockey 2nds


A strong York showing saw Lancaster’s Women 2nd’s fall to York in a 3-0 defeat. A strong hit from Chester back to Lancaster’s midfield saw the play progress well for Lancaster as we pushed up the pitch towards York’s keeper. Quick and skilful communication between the players demonstrated a beautiful display of teamwork which was only disrupted as York’s strong line of defence turned the ball to York’s possession. After an agile run from York’s number 27 up the left line York’s forwards cleanly hit the ball through our midfield, despite some brilliant work from Emily Hipkiss in defence, York were awarded the first short corner of the match. More strong defensive work from Hipkiss, Farley, Letcher, Dickens and Lehrknecht saw the short corner unsuccessful and another run from Lancaster midfield saw some tough work from both sides up the left line of the pitch.
The first ten minutes resulted in four more York short corners, throughout which goal keeper Lara Ranger continuously deflected any shots, including three skillful hits from York’s attack in succession. As the game progressed Lancaster’s midfield came into its own with some fierce tackles and drives towards York’s ‘D’ from Jenna Wilks, Kate Ranson and Katie White. However, despite some great skill shown from Lancaster players, York’s efficient and speedy midfield saw the ball back into Lancaster’s defence and into Ranger’s ready watch. As the play remained in the vicinity of Lancaster’s goal York’s pace and determination seemed to pick up and after another short corner York claimed their first goal.
Not to be defeated, Lancaster’s play picked up and a fantastic succession of play from Ruth Holdsworth saw the ball quickly pushed up to York’s goal. The pace stayed high and evenly split across the pitch with more great saves by outstanding goalie Ranger, until the half time whistle blew, marking the end of a tough half for Lancaster.
As the second half progressed, Lancaster faced a gruelling six short corners in a row, all but one unsuccessful due to highly skilful play from Lancaster’s strong defence. A swift hit from Ranson saw the ball cleared of the D and carried up the pitch by attacker Wilks, who as the ball was possessed by York executed some fantastic tackles. The play continued swiftly through to both ends of the pitch each team displaying both agile and skilful ability, with forwards Lis Warner and Jenny Deery communicating well and delivering some beautiful hockey. A poorly executed short corner from York was bravely deflected by captain Chester but York’s defence proved a solid force. As the referee signaled the last two minutes of the match Lancaster fought on, but a run by York’s midfield saw the whistle blow for a dramatic final short corner to York. As every York player piled down to the D Lancaster saw themselves dramatically outnumbered and despite the brilliant game demonstrated by goalie Ranger and Lancaster’s line up of defence York drove the ball into the back of the net; ending the game at 3-0 to the opposition.

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