Head of Publicity


The Head of Publicity will  be responsible for the overall publicity of SCAN, both in terms of recruiting new writers and increasing readership. You will be responsible for creating publicity campaigns (e.g. posters, social media) to achieve these aims.

You will also:

  • Be responsible for advertising the role of SCAN and any positions available where appropriate using posters or any other method seen fit
  • Consult with the Editor in arranging training days or socials for the members to enjoy
  • Find ways to engage the student public and help to promote the image of SCAN
  • Work closely with the Head of Web & Mobile on social media publicity of SCAN

You should be creative and confident in designing engaging and effective posters and other publicity material. You should also have good teamwork and communication skills.

Examples of previous poster/design work, while not necessary, are strongly encouraged.

Experience within SCAN is not necessary.

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