LUSU CEO to retire after 34 years in the organisation

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Peter Elliott, the Chief Executive of Lancaster University Students’ Union (LUSU), has announced his retirement after 34 years in the organisation and 28 years as CEO.

A Bowland Student in his undergraduate years, Elliott has been part of the fabric of the Union since the early ’70s when he held the position of Bowland College President.  He continued on to the sabbatical officer role of Union Treasurer after completing his degree at the University.

In 1980, Elliott returned to LUSU with the new role of Welfare and Research Officer, a post he held for five years before moving up the ladder to become General Manager, the role now knows as CEO, in 1985. Between 1987 and 1989 Elliott completed a Master of Business Administration course at the University of Strathclyde.

During his time in LUSU, Elliott has held the position of County College Principle and has seen 34 sabbatical officer (FTO) teams come and go. In an interview with the Evening Gazette in 1989, Elliott said: “I am looking to see the Union’s facilities are extended and improved both in range and quality to meet the needs of a bigger University.”

During his time here LUSU has seen campus shops open, grow, and develop along with LUSU Involve and LUSU Living, and the development of The Sugarhouse.

His knowledge and time with the Union has seen it go from strength to strength; staff, students and officers agree he will be missed.

Elliott will continue to be a part of LUSU for a further two years holding the post of advisor for one day a week after his retirement in September.

Recruitment for a new CEO is currently under way, with the new CEO expected to take over in September.

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