My Nylon Obsession

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I first discovered Black Milk in 2012 through the art of Facebook stalking. I stumbled across a pair of galaxy leggings on someone’s profile and was blown away. The colours were stunning and the leggings didn’t look like cheap, Primark ones – the material was shiny which just made the print stand out all the more. I was desperate to know where they came from: who created such delicious fiends?

Black Milk is an Australian clothing brand specialising in shiny, nylon goodies with prints to make your head spin. If Alice in Wonderland swimming costumes, galaxy print catsuits, anime printed dresses and Star Wars gets you hot under the collar, then this is the store for you. Black Milk have something for everybody and while most of their prints aren’t for the faint hearted (literally, they’ve made Dexter-style, blood spatter leggings in the past), there are some more toned down designs for the less brave.

Within minutes of searching their website I became infatuated. My favourite of their designs are ones with paintings printed on them: Klimt, Van Gough, Degas and Munch paintings have been replicated on various items of clothing. I personally own Klimt, Der Kuss, leggings and they are probably my favourite piece of attire. I also own a ‘Ribs’ swimming costume (a swimsuit with skeleton ribs sketched onto them) which is perfect for fancy dress and also adds a grungy edge to a pair of jeans. I’m currently fawning over Black Milk’s stunning Monet Lilies leggings – a vibrant print of blues and greens, they’re a real show stopper.

Black Milk also bring out pieces to tie in with holidays and celebrations. Christmas saw Christmas tree leggings and candy cane swimming costumes, around Halloween they brought out a Jack O Lantern swimming costume and leggings with a haunted house design. A Lord of the Rings collection was released to coincide with excitement surrounding The Hobbit and a pair of leggings with a St Patrick stained glass window design came out in time for St Patrick’s day.

Black Milk’s cult designs have earned a cult following to match. With nearly five hundred thousand ‘Likes’ on their Facebook page, they have earned themselves thousands of fans by including their supporters in any new releases they have. Black Milk post photos of fans (self-named ‘Sharkies’) wearing their clothes on a daily basis and ask for their input on designs they’d like to see. There are fan meet ups in different cities and the Black Milk team go out to visit their devotees. They have created a fantastic online community unlike any clothing brand I’ve ever known!

The one thing I have to warn you about before you become a nylon addict: Black Milk are not the cheapest of clothing brands. With seventy five Australian dollars (approximately fifty pounds) being the average price for a pair of leggings, ninety for a swimming costume and ninety nine for a dress, Black Milk is not the kind of clothes a student budget can really afford. That said, I think it forces you to concentrate on what you want. As in what you really want. A dream piece, if you will. Okay, if I was a millionaire I’d spend a small fortune on Black Milk but, until that day comes, I’m happy saving up for months if it means I end up with a few pieces I really love by the end. While the pricing does sound a little scary, the quality of the fabric and the vibrancy of the colours are worth it – I can only say that I feel FABULOUS when I wear Black Milk’s shiny offerings and I am yet to be disappointed by my purchases.

So what am I trying to say? I love Black Milk, I’m a self confessed Sharkie, I’m part of the cult. You have to check this brand out, if only to acknowledge their existence… Just don’t blame me if you become a nylon addict too.

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