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League position last year: 4th

First game of season: Pendle (23rd Oct)

Although being dubbed Lancaster’s ‘Sporting College’ the A team in recent years have struggled to feature amongst the Inter College elite. Despite some fine performances last season, late complacency let down the men in orange with a number of draws damaging their assent up the league table. With a number of players returning and some helpful acquisitions at trials, this could be the year Fylde get back to their best.  This year’s captain Billy Crow told SCAN “I’m very excited for the new season. Having managed to keep hold of many first team players and with our record last year I feel we can really make a push for the title.”


League position last year: 1st

First game of season: County (16th Oct)

Having topped the table last year and finished runners up the year before, Pendle have become the college to beat. Despite not always playing the best kind of football, results are what matters and they know better than most how to secure all three points. Explosive winger Cyle Hunter provides a strong threat from the wide positions and he told SCAN: “after a successful unbeaten league last year, with new additions to the team we look to retain the league and win the cup, come-on Pendle!” With a tough opening fixture against Fylde, we will soon see what their title credentials are made of.


League position last year: 2nd

First game of season: Pendle (16th Oct)

County saw success in the LUSU cup last year, and look at this triumph to motivate them toward a similar success in the league. Guaranteed to have a huge following on the sidelines, the County boys will look to intimidate even the most resilient of opponents. Pipped at the post last year, County will put together a strong challenge, as last year’s highest scorers will aim to win their first A league title for many years under the helm of new captain Joel Watson.


League position last year: 3rd

First game of season: Bowland (23rd Oct)

Last year Lonnie were strong on all fronts, securing football victory over Bowland at Founders, finishing third in the league and agonisingly losing out to County in the LUSU Cup. This year could be Lonsdale’s time to make a sustained push for silverware, which was last acquired in 2011. Their set pieces are a big weapon in their artillery, whilst in open play they will look to start their attacks from the defence, aiming to retain possession throughout.



League position last year: 5th

First game of season: Grizedale (16th Oct)

Furness have shown improvement in league position in the last two seasons, becoming a team to reliably finish somewhere around the mid-table. Hard working and defensively sound; be ready for a good honest battle against this outfit, as they look to continue their own development up the table.



League position last year: 6th

First game of season: Furness (16th Oct)

Grizedale are a promising team and could feature as the league’s biggest underdogs. With a strong squad at his beckoning, Captain Dan Rudnick told SCAN: “we are optimistic for the season and will look to build on the promise we showed last year.” This year Grizedale will surely surpass the mere 2 wins last time out, as they too look to finish as high as possible.


League position last year: 7th

First game of season: Cartmel (16th Oct)

Ending the last two seasons in the bottom two Bowland have been in a bit of a trough of late. In spite of winning the LUSU Cup in 2012, their league position since has not improved. Their opening encounter will be against Cartmel and could define their season. Win and the only way is up, lose and another year of stagnation could be inevitable.





League position last year: 8th

First game of season: Bowland (16th Oct)

The topsy-turvy team of the division, winners of the league in 2011, Cartmel saw much of their championship winning team prized away to the University teams last year. This drain of talent significantly weakened a previously unbeaten team resulting in a complete contrast, as they finished bottom – without a win to their name. Current captain, Alex Taylor described last year as a “learning curve” bringing optimism to this year’s campaign.  Rooted to the bottom of the table last year, Taylor will have to sure up his defence if any improvement will be seen.








League position last year: 7th

First game of season: Lonsdale (18th Oct)

Despite finishing in the bottom three in the last six seasons, Pendle’s “witches” will hope for a more consistent year on the netball court. Failure to score wasn’t the issue for Pendle last year, only falling on the wrong side of close-scoring matches ended any chance of a top half finish. Captain, Jennifer Tatton told SCAN: “with some promising new players coming in, I think we’ll finally be able to break our pattern of finishing in the bottom three!”



League position last year: 1st

First game of season: County (15th Oct)

You have to go as far back as 2008 to see a different winner of the Inter College Netball A League. For over five years Fylde have grown into a netball force, dominating both Inter College Netball Leagues. Where the boys may have failed – in recent years – the Fylde women’s netball teams have excelled in dominating their opposition. Unless a big upset is staged, it is difficult to see Fylde not retaining the trophy they have controlled for so long.


League position last year: 4th

First game of season: Pendle (18th Oct)

For the second year in succession Sophie Millington captains Lonsdale’s A team. Millington commended the influx of new players joining the team being quoted as saying “with a strong squad in place we should have some good wins this year.” Lonsdale’s ladies will hope to build on their top four finish last year ending the captain’s time at Lancaster on a high.


League position last year: 5th

First game of season: Fylde (15th Oct)

The 2012-13 league season proved to be a slight anomaly on County’s record, previously finishing consistently in the top 3 they dropped to 5th for the first time in six years. In doing so it was their first occasion in that time period to lose more games than they won. Tasked with removing last year’s slight blemish from their record is captain, Caitlin Angell telling SCAN: “It’s early days yet but we’ve got a really promising squad this year who are training really hard and are ready to come back a lot stronger to make sure last year was just a one off.”





League position last year: 8th

First game of season: Furness (15th Oct)

Grizedale were only one of two teams to score double points in the league against Fylde last year. Nevertheless, they ended the season rock bottom with only 1 win in 14. Back in 2008, Grizedale were the last college to displace Fylde from the top spot, although that seems a far cry from the team’s current ambitions, a year of steady development should see Grizedale rise from the foot of the league table.


League position last year: 6th

First game of season: Bowland (18th Oct)

Similar to Pendle, Cartmel have struggled in recent years to get out of the bottom half of the league. Captain Lexi Lingwood, told SCAN “Cartmel look to be having some great talent coming through so fingers crossed for some fantastic results.” Much like Cartmel’s other A team – in football – they have been found lacking in consistency which ultimately has damaged their progression up the league.


League position last year 2nd

First game of season: Grizedale (15th Oct)

Finishing runner-up in two of the last three seasons, both times to Fylde, Furness have been within touching distance of their closest neighbours. Speaking to SCAN, A team captain Sarah Howarth said “we’re looking forward to seeing the great potential our teams have shown.” Hoping to go one better this year, Howarth will rally her troops as best as possible, heading into the opening game of the season against Grizedale.



League position last year: 3rd

First game of season:  Cartmel (18th Oct)

Bowland netball saw victory in the Founders series at the end of last year. They will go into the season with high confidence and with the second highest score difference in the league; they could be the best challenge to Fylde this year.

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