Morecambe student nightclub ‘The Carleton’ rebrands as ‘C2’

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Popular Morecambe-based student nightclub, the Carleton, which closed its doors to Lancaster students in March 2012 is reopening and rebranding as C2 this month. In an article written back in March 2012, the previous owner Stewart Aimson was quoted as claiming one of the major reasons for the closure of Morecambe club was the introduction of a Wednesday student night, Jinxed, at the official Lancaster University Student Union Club, The Sugarhouse – and the lack of interest which followed thereafter with regards to The Carleton. Aimson was also quoted in a local newspaper saying that the number of students coming to The Carleton had “hit an all-time low of zero”.
New manager Ryan Angelis told SCAN that the response to C2 had been “overwhelming”, and that he felt the Carleton needed a “kick start with new ideas”. Angelis stated that the new name, C2, comes as a decision to give the club fresh start, as there were “good and bad” connotations with the name Carleton which he hoped the rebrand would eliminate. Angelis also made it clear that C2 reopening would hopefully be more than just something for students to celebrate, with non-student events apparently selling out tickets. He added that he hoped the reopening of the club would “bring Morecambe back to life” and enhance local networks by reintroducing Lancaster University into the community.
In celebration of its revival, Angelis told SCAN that the Halloween party, being held on Wednesday 30th October (Week 4), would be the “party of all parties”. However, the older Lancaster students may well find many of aspects of C2 familiar, as Angelis stated that “the club as it stands does not need a massive refurb”. It seems the only major change to the club will be the new purple logo, emblazoned on its front doors. C2 is also hoping to hold other big events, with ‘AURA Fridays’ recently being announced on the nightclub’s Facebook page. One post claimed that the new Friday theme would include a reality TV personality from Geordie Shore, with an expected “1200+ turnout” and “Aura girls galore”.
C2’s Facebook page claims that buses will be running to and from C2 on Wednesday, Week 4, for the Halloween party, with NUS cards required for entry.
The reaction of the student body is clear, with one student claiming “I’ve been waiting 2 years for this status”, and another saying “Will you have any napkins or tissues nearby so I can mop up the tears of joy flooding from my eyes as I set foot back inside?”.

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