Wobbles on the cobbles: The best shoes for Lancaster

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Whether you’re a fresher starting university for the first time or a student returning to for another year; coming back to Lancaster requires a lot of preparation. We stock up on our stationery, renew our gym membership and spend a good deal of time stood in the queue at the LUSU office to get our bus passes. And admittedly, put more effort than necessary into updating our new term wardrobe! But I’m not here to talk to you about the latest winter coats, jumpers and show stopping dresses. Instead I’m here to pass on my advice for purchasing footwear for your next big night out in Lancaster.

Firstly, do trade dainty stilettos for sturdier block heels. The cobbles in Lancaster can be unforgiving and crutches are most definitely not this season’s must-have accessory! So be sure to go for shoes that give you a bit better chance of staying on two feet. Chunky heels are

River Island

everywhere right now so it shouldn’t be difficult to find the perfect pair for you. This gorgeous pair from River Island may be heading towards the higher end of the budget at £60 but that doesn’t take them off my lust-list.

Secondly, do consider the material of your new shoes. Granted, suede is pretty. But after a Wednesday night battling a storm on the way to Sugar you may quickly find it isn’t weatherproof! Remember, wearing your suede beauties in Hustle is a recipe for disaster, you’ll end up with anything and everything stuck to your brand new shoes. Stay safe and avoid suede.

Though leather is more expensive, I find it’s worth the investment and will outlast at least a couple of suede pairs. However, if your student loan can’t stretch that far then there’s always puddle-friendly patent. Miss Selfridge is a winner for me with these show stopping but waterproof beauties.

Miss Selfridge


bank shoes prshots

On the other hand, don’t be afraid to ditch the heels and opt for a night out in some equally gorgeous (and a lot more comfortable) flat shoes. Though you may have to deal with being a couple of inches shorter, it’s worth the extra few hours you’ll get on the dance floor! There’s a great range of flats out there this season, and this sparkly pair of brogues from Bank are fabulous for injecting a bit of winter glamour.


Personally, the best wardrobe investment I’ve made since coming to university has been my shoe boots. They’ve got me through many nights out over the last two years, and seem to go with whatever I look I put together. One of the best things, however, about a pair of shoe boots is that on those frosty winter nights you can discreetly pop on a pair of socks underneath to keep your feet  toasty right through to the early hours.

If you’re also in search of some heels that go with every outfit then look no further! This gorgeous pair from Miss Selfridge throw a nod to this season’s punk trend with the metal detail, and at only £59 won’t make too much of a dent in your student loan.

miss selfridge fashiongps


Or if you’re looking to add a pop of colour then this stand-out pair from New Look are the perfect autumnal shade.


New LookHopefully, you’re all now armed with ideas so what are you waiting for? Grab your purple card for that all important discount and get shopping!

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