DIY Hair Inspiration: Grown up glamour


Chignon up-dos radiate elegance; they serenely indicate the volume of your hair, as they do not attempt to scrape it back into a bun, but rather let it gather, loosely, and drape around the neck and face. Perhaps they seem old fashioned – but I like to see them as a glamorous alternative to the university study ‘hair-out-of-face’ necessity.  By modernizing the style, with the introduction of some gothic Lana Del Rey inspired accessories, I feel that the look beautifully combines the past and present.

Here’s a step-by step guide of how to complete the look:


– A hair bun roller, in a long tube rather than a round shape. Readily available online and in beauty stores.

– Hairgrips

– A hair band accessory


1. Brush your hair out so that it sits long and flat.

2. Place the long tube roller at the base of your neck.

hair 1

3. Gather pieces of hair; bring them back upward over the roller, and secure into places with hairgrips. Here you have a traditional chignon.

hair 2

4.To modernize the look, I took a hairband, which is normally worn on top of the head, and turned it backwards, to sit upon the chignon. This immediately adds drama – perfect for a glamorous night out, or even simply for the day. The dark gothic roses channel Lana Del Rey’s headpieces, yet their positioning is original, unusual and marries past and present trends.

hair 5



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