Editorial (Michaelmas, Week 6): Student Comment & News


Hello again.

Noteworthy things to take into account this issue include the glorious work of the SCAN Photography team, led by Mae Reddaway, in capturing some of the UCU strike’s most thought-provoking moments. Also, the UCU aftermath article which is borne out of a huge collaboration of both the SCAN news editors and their team of fledgeling writers, is not only a thorough overview of the event but includes quotes from key figures involved with the strike. The Comment section has also stepped up to the plate this issue, by taking to Alexandra Square to find out what fellow Lancaster students think about important topics. SCAN so far this year, in my opinion, is really shaping up to be what its acronym stands for: student comment and news. With this in mind, I feel like it’s becoming increasingly necessary to clarify exactly what SCAN exists to do. Myself and my Editorial team work incredibly hard.

We spend a lot of time and effort (that should probably be spent actually doing our degrees) on various things: gathering together writers, providing training, hosting meetings, putting together copy reports full of content that we really believe will entertain and inform the student body, scouting around to take gorgeous photos and slaving over our design programme to try and make each issue perfect. Every member of SCAN is dedicated to doing the absolute best they can, and continuing to improve as they learn. Whilst we aim to represent students, it must be pointed out that we are not a tool to be used to promote societies, simply because they want to advertise themselves and cannot think of a better, more original way, to do it.

The sentence most often uttered during elections, “I will use SCAN to better promote this that and the other”, is a complete misconception. We are not here to be “used”, we are not here to write endless articles which say nothing more than “Have you seen this group of people this year? You should join them because they are planning to do this…”. If you have an interesting event that benefits other students, or are doing something amazing that should be big news across campus, we are there. My point is, expect any email sent enquiring about promotion to automatically receive a reply with grumpy cat’s face plastered across it – if any reply at all.

Last but not least, I received a handwritten letter in response to Week 2’s Editorial animal. I feel the need to address it by saying that I, and SCAN certainly, does not endorse or glamourise any endeavour which harms animals. I just love all animals. So this week, I’m playing it safe with a picture of a fuzzy ducking, inspired by the infamous County ducks and their Twitter account which I recently stumbled across. Who knew ducks could tweet as well?
On a more positive note, the first SCAN members social will be taking place this Saturday (16th November). Make sure you come along and introduce yourself, maybe suggest a less controversial animal for my final editorial of the term. Join the event on Facebook.

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