Winter Warmers

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Key pieces that will keep you looking brrrilliant this winter!

The weather outside may be frightful, but that’s no excuse for us to look so! Winter brings dark mornings and cold weather which saps away our energy, but that gives all the more reason to wear our nicest outfits to Uni as a treat to lift our mood and spirits. Many people find that they feel more confident and energetic when wearing their favourite ensemble, so why not fight away the winter blues by making the Spine your catwalk?

Winter Coat
The infamous Lancastrian weather is a force to be reckoned with, so a warm winter coat is more of a health and safety necessity than an indulgence. But fear not, you need not abandon your beloved camel coat just yet, there are plenty of weather-proof options available in shops such as Zara, Warehouse and Mango. Rather than choosing a thin crepe or cotton material, a thick wool blend preserves the much loved duster coat trend while protecting you from the elements. Another winter trend, which would be well suited to the Lancastrian gales, is the Shearling Coat. You’ll be kept you toasty and warm due to its oversized shape, but its real winning feature is the tan colour; it can be easily paired with a suede skirt, one of this season’s hottest trends, and compliments the many other 70s inspired items that are filling the rails on the high street at the moment.

If you’re stuck in a leggings and skinny jeans rut, culottes offer a stylish and comfortable alternative. Culottes are perfect for transitioning from a professional to Uni wardrobe. Black culottes offer versatility as they can be worn with jumpers, blouses or t-shirts, while patterned culottes bring colour to a typically monochrome seasonal wardrobe. Pleated culottes also present a tailored and slightly more feminine look, whereas wide leg culottes give a minimalistic and androgynous appearance. Extra style points for those who opt for culottes with a judo belt to add to the boxy silhouette.

Dresses, tops, jumpers; they’re all better with a turtleneck. Other than the obvious fact that they’re cosy and warm, the turtleneck goes perfectly with the 70s throwback trend. This trend is all about extremes: go for a super soft, body hugging ribbed jumper for an indulgent treat, or opt for a large, thick, knitted jumper your Grandad would be proud of.
Pair with an A line skirt, wide leg trousers or simply with your favourite pair of comfy jeans for an instant wardrobe pick me up. The brave among us can even go for this season’s must have colour, mustard yellow, to add some warmer tones to an ensemble. It’s like a mug of hot toddy for the closet.

Heeled Ankle Boots
The trusty black ankle boot is already a winter staple for most people; they’re waterproof, durable and easy to wear with almost any outfit, but this year why not put a twist on the old classic and go for a chunky, heeled boot? Ditch the buckles and go for a plain black boot with a zip up the side, the more simplistic the better.

Photo courtesy of Zara,
Photo courtesy of Zara,

Although these are all pieces that are perfect during the winter, our English weather is so temperamental that you can wear your culottes way into the spring and your ankle boots with frilly ankle socks and dresses in the summer, making these the perfect trans-seasonal items.

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