Where would I travel if I won the lottery?


First of all, ha! I wish I could win the lottery. I think we all do. But hypothetically, if I did win, where in the world would I travel? What is the one place I could see myself visiting? Imagine the freedom and all the possibilities… if the lottery-win was a million pounds, I could buy an island or a huge hotel for myself and others (if I choose to bask in the glory with friends or family).

But for the sake of argument and to narrow some of the countless possibilities, let’s pretend I have won only enough for a holiday. I immediately think of places like Italy, America or China: amazing places I’ve yet to visit myself. Travelling is something I would love to have the opportunity to do but it also sounds quite scary for someone like me. How would I begin to choose? There are so many places that have so much culture, beautiful scenery, and amazing people. In particular, I think of Cyprus, a small Greek island in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Now this might seem like a slightly odd choice, but I hold Cyprus very closely to my heart. I have continually been to Cyprus, Paphos, for nearly ten years now. I first went to Cyprus for a family holiday in 2007 and, since then, my family and I have been every summer since for the duration of two weeks. If I won the lottery, I could spend even longer there and see more of what it has to offer.

We always spend our holiday in a small village called Kathikas, in a villa that we rent. The village is beautiful, and the residents of the village are extremely friendly: they offer free fruit and when they pass us in the street they always make the effort to say “hello”. They appreciate it when we greet them back in their own language, Greek. Kathikas has a beautiful church, a few cafés and amazing restaurants; Maria’s is a restaurant we frequent often.

Paphos is one of the main coastal cities of Cyprus and there are always so many tourists visiting. It is one of the most beautiful places that I have had the pleasure of visiting. I never want to leave the island as the scenery is just breath-taking. The ocean is of the most amazing, bright-blue colour, and smells of fresh salt as the water sparkles like diamonds floating on the surface.

There are so many attractions in this city, from archaeological sites to water parks, that there is something for everyone. Are you starting to see why I would choose to revisit here if I won? My favourite place in Paphos is Agios Georgios, a beautiful, but fairly small beach. It is much quieter than some of the more commercial beaches, which can sometimes be too loud and busy.

There is also the Akamas Nature Trail, where you can walk through the forests of Paphos, and there are dirt roads to go on which are especially fun when you have quad bikes and can go off-roading. This activity is a thrill and allows you to take in the magnificent scenery surrounding you.

The weather is consistently amazing in Cyprus, and the food is to die for. I personally love the Meze, a mixture of loads of different foods: you can’t go wrong. I’ve done my fair share of exploring the Cypriot island and I have not even come close to seeing everything it has to offer. But for now, I’ll grab my imaginary cash, lay on the sofa and watch YouTube videos of one of the most stunning islands in the world.

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